Monday 21 March 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 21st March, 2011

Today's weather;

Just like yesterday, Samui is having another glorious morning with a blue sky and hardly any clouds at all. Current temp at 7am is 25.5C

Yesterday saw blue skies during the morning and a few clouds during the afternoon but it was still sunny on Samui all day long! Max temp reached 29.8C



Dragica said...

Hi, Camille,

it was nice to read your blog, I've stumbled upon it by coincidence when looking for information for the current weather forecast in Koh Samui. I'm quite surprised it rains out there. I should be coming to the island on March 30th, yet now I have doubts about my journey all together and I would really appreciate your opinion as I understand you live on the island for some time now as a PADI instructor.

First of all: the safety and security issue. As I will travel by myself to Thailand, some people worry about my security (including myself by now) and tell me it's not the safest place for woman solo traveler. There have been some major issues in the past years on the island, boosted also by some British press and I really wonder, how is the situation right now. I would love to hear your opinion as you can give it to me first hand.

I've traveled around by myself already (US, Egypt, Tunisia, Hong Kong) and hadn't have any dramatic moments, but maybe as I got older and wiser (maybe just more cautious) I have my doubts before this travel to Thailand.

I already bought a plane ticket to BKK and domestic flights to Surat Thani, am supposed to stay 3 weeks (cruising around the neighboring islands) and return home.

I'd be really so glad to hear from you, you could maybe ease or soothe my worries.

Best regards from tiny country Slovenia.


Camille said...

Hi Dragica,

Thanks for your enquiry and checking into my blog.

Regarding the weather, it is indeed very unusual this time of the year to have rain, but it seems that worldwide weather patterns change, not only in Thailand and Koh Samui ;-) Having said that, the predictions are not looking that great starting from 24th march, currently until Monday 28th lots of rain ad wind are predicted. Since this is unusual I hope that after Monday the weather changes for the better!

Regarding travelling solo as a female, in my opinion you should be fine, just don't do anything that you wouldn't do back home and you should be all right. There's never a guarantee for nothing but looking at your previous travel experience I think that you're going to be just fine.
I hope that I could take away some of your worries and that you will have a great time whilst travelling around Thailand and specifically on Koh Samui.

Gary said...

Hello. I am jut about to come out to koh samui at the end of the week.
Someone told me it has been very rainy. Is this true? I was hoping for

Camille said...

Hi Gary,

Since two days it's nice again but before these two days we had a couple of unusual for this time of the year wet days although nothing too major, however, come the 24th this month, the prediction is not looking so good until the 28th right now, a lot of very out of season rain, wind and waves.

Unfortunately I don't have any better weather news right now for you.

Hope this helps anyway.