Monday 14 March 2011

My wife's youngest sister wedding; the event

My wife's youngest sister wedding; the event

Today was the big day for my wife's youngest sister, it was her wedding.

The big price aka sister in law

The wedding started early, by 6.30am guests started to arrive already and the stage was all set up and ready to accommodate them. Around 800 guests were expected between 6.30am and 11am.

It was a busy coming and going of local and island people, all dressed up in their Sunday's or wedding best.

One of the guests was the former Puu Yai Baan or Village head, Khun Whitaya, who later on participated in the actual wedding.

If you have been following this blog, you know by now that food is very important in Thai culture and the Southern Thai weddings take their food serious. Some guests can be seen enjoying the fish, the salad, the curry, the soup and sweet pork. I can attest that the home made food was excellent.

The sin sot or Bride Price, a traditional part of Thai weddings. The money is presented to Bride's parents, the gold to the bride

Before the official ceremony could start, the almost wed locked pair had to feed each other in the bride's sleeping room under the eyes and prompts of some elderly know it all women.

The official ceremony started

For good and for bad

An family group picture including a freshly added new brother in law!

The whole wedding was great fun but also hard work since all close friends and relatives served food and drinks to the tables all laid out on heavy trays and also cleaned the tables afterwards.

A great day though and I wish the newly weds good luck!



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,
thanks for sharing this experience I'll be going through it myself next year :)

Website is really great by the way.

Camille said...

You're welcome and good luck with your own wedding next year.