Sunday 13 March 2011

My wife's youngest sisters wedding, the preparation

My wife's youngest sisters wedding, the preparation

Tomorrow is the big day although I'm not too sure how big today actually is!
Today sees all the preparation for tomorrow, the cooking, the logistics and what else you can think of. Relatives and friends come from all over Plai Laem, the rest of Samui and even from Koh Phangan to help out. This is truly a family event.

This is a small wedding, so only 800 people are expected tomorrow! Tons of food are stacking up, ready to be cut, chopped and grounded. This is the women's department and hardly guys are caught hanging out in or around the kitchen. Thais social affairs are pretty well divided in two groups, the male and female group.

Today's cooking is merely to feed all the people that help out today. Later during the day the food and more precisely cooking preparations for tomorrow will start. It will be an early start tomorrow anyway, around 6am the fires will be lighted again.

Plates, cutlery and drinking glasses for 800 people needs to be cleaned.

Here's where the guys come in, setting up the tents that will protect the wedding visitors from either the sun or the rain, tomorrow should be sunny by the way! After the tents are erected, tables and 8 chairs per table are set up on the family land.

Around 11pm, just before I showed up after my 10km Four Seasons Care for Cancer run in Nathon earlier today, the guys do what they do best, relax!

This is what keeps the guys spirits high!

I squeezed out to relax a bit at home, I'm tired and will go back over later today and see if I can make myself useful.

More to come!


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