Thursday 24 March 2011

Food on Wheels; Sticky Rice with mango

Food on Wheels; Sticky Rice with mango

During my recent visit to Koh Lanta I ran into this lady pretty much every night in Saladan, actually very near the hotel where I was staying. This coming Saturday I'll be returning to Koh Lanta and I hope to see her again. A perfect match to continue the Food on Wheels series with.

She's selling a very sweet Thai dessert, sticky rice with mango or ตำราอาหารไทย. It is very sweet indeed, especially with the coconut cream topping that comes with the dish.

Check the cart out, it's a push cart and not motorized.

The mangoes used aren't the ones that you usually see with the fruit vendors but are their more sweeter tasting yellow brothers like the ones pictured above. The silver bucket in the right, back corner is for the cream topping. Definitely a dish you should try at least once whilst in Thailand!

To complement her sales, she's also offering buttered barbecued corn on a stick, another tasty little snack.

If you see one of these options on sale, typically by street vendors, don't hesitate to get one for yourself to try and taste. The age old wisdom with street food is, the more they sell, the bigger the turnover and the least likely you get a bad 'batch'. A good indication about the quality of the food is also the amount of locals buying food from a vendor.



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