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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017 just about a month after we had flooding in December 2016 around the island and he tail end of the monsoon bites us in the behind again!

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; Plai Laem this morning, this part of the road is now closed

Unlike last month, this should only last today and to a lesser degree tomorrow, Saturday the recovery should start already and come Sunday all should be fine again with the wind and rain gone.

The airport has been severely affected today and to the best of my knowledge, only the 6am plane Bangkok bound was able to take off, if at all. All other flights in and outbound have been delayed for the time being and I'm not to sure if there will be any more planes be able to depart or arrive today.

Car ferry traffic with the mainland was unaffected as far as I know and between Koh Tao - Koh Phangan - Koh Samui, some ferries may have run, but possibly not all of them.

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; At the Bophud traffic lights, for small cars not a good idea at the moment, you will need at least a pick up or a similar high sized car

This is hitting Koh Samui hard though and there are floods all over the island. The amount of torrential rain today and last night is almost unreal. There's water everywhere. 

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; Chaweng lake becoming a real lake again, little by little, drop by drop

All the usual suspects and lots of other places weren't able to handle the amount of rain today. Once the rain decides to stop, most or all of the floods will recede within hours. Around the Chaweng lake area various pumps are installed since early last month to pump the lake clear.

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; The Chaweng roundabout near Chaweng lake, where everybody pretends not to understand how a roundabout is supposed to function when giving way, or rather, not giving way

Before the new drainage system was put in place, a few years ago, the water would remain for a couple of days, up till weeks. Now we just have to deal with the run off from the mountains once the water has receded.

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; Between the ring road and the start of the one way section in Chaweng, going slightly down hill

A lot of the problems have been caused by construction being build without considerations of the natural water ways, seeking the shortest way to the ocean. These are a lot of times blocked now and contribute to the overall flood problem or in some cases cause them.

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; The hill to Nathon

We didn't have floods like this since a long time but now we have them twice in the time frame of just one month apart. December saw some serious and continuous flooding, this should only be mainly today and to a much lesser content also tomorrow.

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; The sheep farm in Maenam turned into an instant water park, enjoy it whilst it lasts! The salad hydroponics are ok, high and although not dry, yet safe

On the mainland the situation is even worse, especially the province of Pattalung has been hit very hard but various other provinces, starting at Surat Thani and South of it and mainly the Eastern side of Thailand, have some serious water and flood problems. South bound trains can't get any further than Nakhon Si Thammarat at the moment and some major roads have been blocked.

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017

Flooding Koh Samui January 2017; The road to Nathon, under construction and under water

We need to sit this one out and hope for it to better or less come tomorrow, as the prediction stated. If you don't need to go out, stay inside today, is my advice at the moment.
Batten those hatches down!

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PooyGirl said...

Hi Camille,
We are to be in the flight from Utapoa to Samui today 5 Jan 2017 but Bangkok Airlines could not confirm if flight would actually go, it's delayed at present but they said if the rain keeps up it would be cancelled. We have 2 small kids and to be stranded at either Utapoa Airport or Samui Airport would be disastrous- our hotel advised us that the roads between Lamai and the airport are closed to whenever so Bangkok Airlines cancelled our flights and full refund. Our hotel, where we stay every year is not so good, they want to charge us a big cancellation fee, they lost us as regular customers now ! We have been going there every year for 10 years as we love it in Lamai. We plan to go back to Samui soon, instead we will go to Phuket now and we will keep a track of your website so we know when it's back to the normal sunny Koh Samui we love. So sorry for all the residents, tourists and small businesses that are caught up in the bad storm, keep safe and we will be back.

Camille said...

The flight to U-Tapao is still on hold. The rain slowed down but ti's still not completely dry although most floods have receded or started to recede.
Sorry to hear about your hotel, that's not nice indeed.

Hope to see you back again though!

Jade Scott said...

Hi Camille! My husband and I are set to depart Koh Samui tomorrow (Friday the 6th January 2pm to Bangkok) at this stage are flights going to be leaving do you think? We are desperate to leave. Hoping to get to the airport from our Centara Grand hotel tomorrow and will allow enough time to get there through the floods. Praying for a much better day tomorrow....

Camille said...

Hi Jade,

Hard to say at this moment, I don't think any planes left today and the weather doesn't look that great tomorrow until around 10am when the rain is supposed to slow down.
There will also be a backlog of passenger that couldn't leave today!
No idea to be honest how they will be able to handle this

Mikael Fredeus Sandberg said...

Hi Camille!
Thanks for your informative post. We are planning to go from lamai to Nathon for the ferry to Surat Thani tomorrow morning for a wedding. Do you know any about the south road? I think we'll go by minivans.
Regards, Mikael

Unknown said...

Hi Camille, I'm so glad that I found your blog, I'm in Lamai now, raining for hours here. Many places changed into lakes... our flight to Bangkok is on Saturday 7.20 am so I will follow your blog for news. I'm very sorry for residents here... I never experienced flood before and I had no idea that it is so complex disaster... so easy to injure yourself or get sick in this water, no dry place to hide for so many people. I cant sleep thinking of them and how lucky we are going back home soon.

Camille said...

Hi Mikael,

To the best of my knowledge, the road between Lamai and Nathon is open.

Camille said...

Thanks for your understanding and I hope your flight on Saturday morning will be able to leave on time.

Mikael Fredeus Sandberg said...

Hi Camille to report back our status: Yes it was open no big problem that road today. Ferry to Surat Thani no problem. Road from pier to Surat Thani town flooded but possible to pass with our minivan.

Camille said...

Hi Mikael,

That's a great update. Much appreciated! Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hi how are the floods now? My friend and I are travelling to Koh Samui on 22 January do you think we should change our travel plans?

Many thanks

Camille said...

Hi Laura,

22nd January is a different time. Did you actually read this blog post and the predictions?

Camille said...

Hi Erik,

The current prediction is that as of Monday all rain has pretty much vanished and things should get back to normal.

Erik Forsberg said...

Thank you so much for your help and swift reply and the amazing service you here with the blog!

Camille said...

You're welcome Erik!

Unknown said...

Hi camille,
Is there any electric in koh samui at west side? At hotel intercontinental?

Camille said...

I have no information about electricity issues on the West side of Samui, but I expect the Intercontinental to have generators, so if you're staying there, it wouldn't affect you.

Emrah BAYRAKTAR said...

Hi Camille;
We Will Come samui 10 january to ozo chaweng when Will things should get back to normal do you think we should change our travel plans? Thanks....

Camille said...

Hi Emrah,

Currently the 10th is supposed to have nice weather, no wind and only partially cloudy.
The run off from the mountains will take a few days before they clear all roads from water. After the weekend, there's currently not much rain predicted. Things are looking on the up side

choonii said...

Thank you alot

Dan McQuoid said...

Hi there, i am heading to samuui and tao on tuesday, eveerything from what I read across the web stating it would all be fine by then ? your thoughts / exp on this ?


Valéria Kereskedő said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camille said...

You're welcome Chooni

Camille said...

That's correct Dan, as of Monday it should get better and the rain is supposed to stop.

Camille said...

Hi Valeria,

As of Monday the rain should stop on Koh Samui, according to current forecasts.
The road from Bangkok to the South has some damage but it's hard t predict how easy or difficult it will be to travel this road next week. In general it should be better with less flooding, although not all damages will be repaired by then.
You will have to make up you own mind based on information that you can find online if you like to come to Koh Samui or not.

Tanya Venter said...

HI Camille

I am a Travel Agent from South Africa. I have been following your updates on Koh Samui as I have a client leaving from South Africa today arriving in Koh Samui on the 8th. It seems like by then flights should only be slightly delayed and the most roads operational. I have warned her but as she is going to a wellness retreat she doesn't seem to mind. Do you think I should advise her to delay her trip?

Camille said...

Hi Tanya,

We're at the rear end of the rain it seems. Things are seemingly on the up again.

Yuval said...

Hi Camille.
Im do to arive with my wife on january 19 to koh samui and after 4 days head out to koh tao.
Do you think we should change our plans because of the weather?

Camille said...

Hi Yuval,

Read mt blog and follow my Facebook page and make up your own mind. It's not my decision to make.
Good luck!

Sarah Jenkin said...

Hi Camille

We are due to arrive in Koh Samui for our honeymoon on the 5th February and you please advise what the conditions are like in Koh Samui at present in regards to getting around, roads, flights etc.

Really worried!!



Camille said...

Dear Sarah,

Please keep following the blog and my Samui info and weather blog Facebook page for daily updates.