Monday 30 April 2007

Goodbye to April 2007

Goodbye to April 2007

It's been a strange April in Thailand this year.

It started pretty much on schedule, with the weather warming up on a daily base.

Around Songkran however and on Samui on Songkran it was very untypically raining and we had strong winds.
My wife, who's local a Samui girl can't remember a Songkran with rain.

The last couple of days of April I spent in Bangkok and there was lots of rain in Bangkok as well. During those days Samui had storms and lots of rain.

April, the warmest and hottest month of the year, kinda slipped and went out of tune with rain and storms.

This weather pattern seems to be conform to other strange, seasonally untypical weather occurrences around the world. Let's hope things turn for the better in May.

30th April 2007

Today's weather;

Back from Bangkok and entered Samui with the most untypical April weather imaginable. This morning it has been non stop raining since I woke up at 7am. Although today's max temp is expected to be at 32C, yesterday's max temp barely reached 28C!

Hang in there and let's hope for some better weather in May.

Tuesday 24 April 2007

More heat, more floods, more cold

More heat, more floods, more cold

Climate change could see the number of days with temperatures of 33 degrees Celsius or more triple, a scientist warned yesterday.

It was also likely to have a dramatic effect on the Chao Phya river and floods in Bangkok.
Dr Anon Sanitwong na Ayutthaya told a climate-change seminar yesterday the country's weather would become more extreme in coming decades.

Anon expected global warming to increase Chao Phya River levels by as much as 40 per cent in coming years. Higher tides would add to the flooding problems faced by the Central plains and greater-Bangkok.

Anon is the director of the Southeast Asian bureau of SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training, or START, based at Chulalongkorn University. He predicted the country would soon swelter in 33-degree-plus heat for as many as 60 days a year. The hottest place was likely to be Uthai Thani, which is located in a basin. Nakhon Sawan would be the next warmest. But Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakhon and Chai Nat would be least affected.

Anon cited a climate model predicting weather events from 30 years to 80 years hence.
Interestingly, cool days were also expected to increase. Thailand could expect between 30 to 40 days a year below 26C. Currently, about 20 to 30 days are below this mark.

The west coast would be coolest, thanks to increased rainfall. And provinces in mountain areas could suffer problems.

He said climate change would not affect Thailand as it had sub-Saharan Africa, where increased temperatures melted mountain snow and ice, which had flooded rivers and accelerated the breeding of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

But, he warned the country to put in place policies to cope with climate change.
But, in Chiang Rai, rice crops would increase 15 per cent because it would receive more rain, he said.

Meanwhile, Meteorological Department chief Supareuk Tansriratanawong said this hot season would be more extreme in many areas, especially the North, Northeast and Central Thailand. Temperatures could hit 42 degrees in Nong Khai and Lampang. He said these temperatures would be common until mid-May.

Supareuk revised earlier department predictions the hottest period this year would be between April 25 and April 26. A cool front from China would bring rainstorms and hail to the North and Northeast, easing temperatures.

In the meantime, the heat has seen power usage in Bangkok soar.
Data shows last month the city gobbled up 7,522 megawatts of electricity, outpacing consumption at the same time last year by 2 per cent. By comparison, the city consumed 6,654 megawatts in January and 7,032 in February.

In the North, temperatures have exceeded 40C.
The department's northern office said Lampang's Muang district recorded temperatures of 42 degrees while other provinces reported between 37 and 41C.

Office spokesman Rakchai Srinuan said temperatures were between four degrees to six degrees warmer than last year.

Chiang Mai and Lamphun were at risk of more forest fires, which have cast a pall over the region since March and made thousands sick. Doi Inthanon National Park chief Anan Son-ngai said rangers were on a 24-hour alert.

Artificial rainmaking is planned to help ease the heat.

Dr Parithat Silpakit of Suan Prung Mental Hospital warned that the punishing heat could drive over-stressed residents to suicide.

In Kalasin, which saw 38C heat yesterday, farmers were advised to install cooling fans in pig enclosures to avoid stock suffering heatstroke and diarrhoea.

24th April 2007

Today's weather;

It's got the outlook of another very warm day with right now already over 29C and with an expected high of 33C.

It's definitely April weather now, in contrast to the rather 'cold' and wet Songkran days.

I'm off to Bangkok for a few days so this may well be the last entry for April.

Monday 23 April 2007

23rd April 2007

Today's weather;

It's blue outside with occasional clouds. The temperature is at 27C with an expected 33C.

Yesterday we went around the island with our children and visited amongst others the Na Muang waterfall in the south of the island. It was hot and very busy with mainly Thai families out and about with their kids. Today most of the schools on the island start the new term. The big summer holidays are over and a new school year is about to start!

Sunday 22 April 2007

22nd April 2007

Today's weather;

Light overcast and 27C currently with an expected high of 32C.

Yesterday it was very hot, with the max temp being 32.5C

Saturday 21 April 2007

21st April 2007

Today's weather;

It started out fairly cloudy and threatening at 7am this morning with already 29.5C and expected 33C today.
Yesterday it was hot with 32.5C.

Today's entry is rather late, since at 7am we were at a local wedding, where a couple of 100 people where attending. Eating some nice Thai food is the norm, Moo Waan (Sweet Pork), Yam Kuung Heng (Dry Shrimp salad), steamed chicken and some soup and a buffalo curry that nobody ate!
Water and coke or another soda with some ice are always present and even this early in the morning at some tables the local Thai Whiskey bottles were being cracked open.

On the left picture the groom is being 'delivered' to the party/bride and on the right hand picture you get an overview from the party area.

Friday 20 April 2007

20th April 2007

Today's weather;

Well, I'm back from Koh Tao and had three very nice days with some excellent diving and lovely weather over at Koh Tao.

On Samui in the meantime, it's hot again and a slight overcast with an expected high of 33C. Currently it's already 29C.

Monday 16 April 2007

16th April 2007

Today's weather;

It's complete overcast this morning. It's about 27C right now with an expected high of 33C.

Yesterdays max temp was 31C.

I'm off to Koh Tao again for two days, teaching Instructor level Specialties.

Sunday 15 April 2007

15th April 2007

Today's weather;

It's not getting much better, it's still a very clouded sky although the current temp is already 29C with an expected 32C.

Yesterday was a fairly hot day with no rain.

Saturday 14 April 2007

14th April 2007

Today's weather;

It's not looking very good with a grey sky and rain pouring down already. It's like in the rainy season and this is supposed to be the warmest month in the year!

Current temp is barely 26C with an expected high temp of 32C.

Yesterday it wasn't very nice neither, it rained on and off almost all day and it got chilly a few times. Extremely unusual for a Songkran day. Max temp was 30.2C

Friday 13 April 2007

13th April 2007

Today's weather;

Happy (Thai) New year. Today is Songkran, the Thai New year and the Thai year 2551 starts today.

It's a cloudy start of the day with rain the previous days, a very unusual sight during Songkran. My wife doesn't really remember a Songkran with rain! It rained last night again.

The current temp is 26C with an expected high of 32C.

Tuesday 10 April 2007

10th April 2007

Today's weather;

It's a mixed case again this morning, some clouds in a blue sky. It's a lot of clouds today though. Current temp is 29C and max temp is expected at 32C.
The last two days it became really dark in the late afternoon and there was a bit of rain.

Yesterdays max temp was 31.6C.

I'm off to Koh Tao this morning for two days, to attend a PADI IE (Instructors Examination) with my IDC candidates, so I may give an update from Koh Tao.

Monday 9 April 2007

9th April 2007

Today's weather;

Loads of clouds again today with a current temp of 29C and an expected high of 33C.

Yesterday's max temp reached 31.6C

Sunday 8 April 2007

8th April, 2007

Weather today;

At 7am this morning the sky was covered in a grey film of clouds, right now it's easing up and there's more blue to be seen. It's already 28C with an expected high of 32C.

Yesterday it reached 31.5C.

Saturday 7 April 2007

7th April 2007

Today's weather;

It's another day of blue skies laced with some clouds and it remains hot, it's already 29.3C at this moment with an expected high of 32C.

Yesterday it reached 31C.

Friday 6 April 2007

Welcome to April

Welcome to April, traditionally the warmest month in Thailand, it's when you appreciate the aircon in your house.

It gets very hot in the Northern parts of Thailand but here in the South it's just survivable.
It's also a very good time to go diving in or around Samui or Koh Tao.
With the Easter holidays for the Westerners and the Thai New Years celebration, aka Songkran, it's a busy month that see many local and foreign tourists visit Samui.

Songkran is a fantastic and heat relieving event, since everybody sprinkles, throws or splashes water over each other all day long. The official date this year is 13th April. In some places it becomes a complete madhouse with cars and bikes backing up and complete water battles developing between different parties.

Easter as such is not a big event in Thailand but for the third year in succession we will paint and hide eggs in our garden and our kids and their nieces and friends will look for them. Our kids already ask about this months before the actual event.

6th April 2007

Today's weather;

Today seems to be the reverse, a white/grey cloud cover with bits of blue, although it seems to be clearing up a bit right now. Current temp is 29.5C with an expected high of 32C.

Yesterday it was 31.8C

Thursday 5 April 2007

5th March 2007

Weather today;

The usual blue sky with shattered clouds but a lot of very strong wind. Current is already 30C and expected high is 32C.

Yesterday when I left the house at 8am, it was very cloudy all of a sudden and with lots of dark clouds although it didn't rain. The wind started to pick up yesterday and during our Open Water dives for the IDC at Chaweng beach, it was relatively choppy, although still manageable. The wind definitely hasn't changed yet on Samui. Yesterday's max temp was 31.7C

Chaweng beach was rather full and it seems that the first Eastern holidaymakers are arriving on Samui.

Wednesday 4 April 2007

4th April 2007

Today's weather;

This morning it looks like a very blue sky with a few white dots in it and the temp is already over 30C with an expected high today of 32C.

Yesterday it was 32.5C.

Today is the last day of my current IDC, on the 10th we'll go over to Koh Tao to attend an IE.

Tuesday 3 April 2007

3rd April 2007

Weather today;

A blue sky with scattered clouds with a current temp of 27.3C and a max temp of 32C expected today.

Yesterday's max temp was 32.5C.

Monday 2 April 2007

2nd April 2007

Today's weather;

The sky looks bright blue with isolated strips of white, thin clouds. Expected temp is 33C and it's already 28C.

Yesterday it was very hot!

Sunday 1 April 2007

1st April 2007

Today's weather;

Does a blue sky with cumulus sound familiar? Well, it's like that again today with a current temp of 27C and expected max temp of 32C.

Yesterday it got up to 31C max.

Today we continue with the IDC again, it's back to work again.