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Friday, 6 April 2007

Welcome to April

Welcome to April, traditionally the warmest month in Thailand, it's when you appreciate the aircon in your house.

It gets very hot in the Northern parts of Thailand but here in the South it's just survivable.
It's also a very good time to go diving in or around Samui or Koh Tao.
With the Easter holidays for the Westerners and the Thai New Years celebration, aka Songkran, it's a busy month that see many local and foreign tourists visit Samui.

Songkran is a fantastic and heat relieving event, since everybody sprinkles, throws or splashes water over each other all day long. The official date this year is 13th April. In some places it becomes a complete madhouse with cars and bikes backing up and complete water battles developing between different parties.

Easter as such is not a big event in Thailand but for the third year in succession we will paint and hide eggs in our garden and our kids and their nieces and friends will look for them. Our kids already ask about this months before the actual event.

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