Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Goodbye to January 2017

Goodbye to January 2017

It's time to say Goodbye to January 2017 and it's about time, since this was not a month to remember for it's nice weather, in total contrast! We need to go back to November 2010 and March 2011 when we even had worse weather and flood conditions. However, back in those days the current drainage system wasn't in place, and after the initial flash flood, it took up to two weeks for the water to drain. Now we had flash floods during January but within hours the roads are clear again, as soon as the rain stops.

We had however a couple of days of almost non stop rain and some serious flooding, more and worse than we had in December 2016, just a month ago!

The amount of visitors and page views was the highest ever on my blog, it stood at 146.211 in May 2011 but I'm currently, with just a few more hours to go at 153.788 page views for this month.
On my Samui weather and info Facebook page it was also very busy and traffic increased plentiful.

Goodbye to January 2017

Goodbye to January 2017; Picture and all rights by Ong Un Jungtrakool‎
Wet streets in January and a sight to get used, traffic jams for the Bophud traffic lights, all the way backing up to Zazen Boutique Resort and one time I was in the traffic start at DAN Auto in Maenam and it took thirty minutes to reach the traffic lights. Everybody and his dog seems to have a car nowadays on the island, and the roads are just not build with that much traffic in mind. Ins't that called progress?

The last couple of days of the month have been lovely, sunny and warm and we had two or three days in the middle of the month, when it was also nice and warm and sunny, but that didn't last too long!
We were lucky though and in all the days that we had floods, we only had one day during which we had to endure a power cut for five hours. It was very pleasant that was the only power cut we had! Other parts of the island may have had more and longer power cuts.

We still managed to go out and have some nice dinners, like at Barracuda Restaurant at the Wharf and at Prego, Italian restaurant that's part of the Amari in Chaweng.

It's best to look forward to a new month, February 2017, usually a very nice and mild month with plenty of sunshine. Also the month hen my blog can celebrate 10 years of being live!

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