Wednesday 30 March 2011

Samui update, more pictures

Samui update, more pictures

The situation is slowly improving but here's a Samui update, more pictures. Samui airport has opened today and apparently the first 2.000 people have been able to leave.
My house in Plai Laem has since 21.30 electricity again and the Dutch Government has given a negative travel advise to Southern Thailand. Really????

The rain is about to stop soon though and has decreased in amount and power, like the wind.

Thanks to Fatih Volkan for another donation. Cool, much appreciated!

Here are some pictures of today and yesterday;

Samui update, more pictures
Samui update, more pictures; Thais are always creative

Samui update, more pictures
Chest deep

Samui update, more pictures
Canoe for rent on Chaweng Beach!

Samui update, more pictures
The Pink Lady, service with a smile and business as usual

Samui update, more pictures
KC Villa Beach in Chaweng

Samui update, more pictures
KC Villa Beach in Chaweng

Samui update, more pictures
Samui update, more pictures; Banana Fan Sea in Chaweng

Samui update, more pictures
Samui update, more pictures; Chaweng

Very bad news comes from Krabi from the Phuketwan; A LANDSLIDE on a Krabi hillside has reportedly buried eight villages, with ''up to 1000 people'' said to be missing. Krabi is popular with tourists at this time of the year.

First reports said the landslide occurred at Khao Phanom, between Krabi Town and Surat Thani. The province, noted for Phi Phi and close to James Bond island in neighboring Phi Phi, sits on Thailand's Andaman coast.

The first 10 bodies have been recovered.


Updated 30th March, 2018


... said...

Hi, I'm supposed to be visiting Samui on 14 April for 10 days, what do you think the situation will be then? we're staying at the Tana Boutique hotel, do you have any information. Thanks!

Camille said...


Around the 14th I would expect Samui to be back to normal. Enjoy Songkran!

... said...

Thanks, I'll keep checking your blog for info!
Stay safe and dry :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a really useful blog, we are leaving for Chaweng on the 13th and I'm a bit worried that the hotel we are staying at would be damaged. Do you know anything about the hotel Chaba samui resort? Hopefully the sun will shine agine when we arrive and Chaweng is cleaned up from all the water!

// lina

Dorte said...

Hey Camille, me and my family are going to Koh Samui at April the 12. We are going to stay at Beach Republic at Lamai beach. Do you recommend that we cancelled the trip do to the current situation? best regards Dorte

Camille said...

Hi Dorte,

Hard to say, I would expect things to be back to normal come the 14th and most or all of the clean up work be taken care of. At this stage my advice is to keep everything as scheduled.

Peter said...

hello, i want to travel the first time to koh samui and thailand at the first week in may. 5 weeks to go, i´m really afraid that it´s not like i expected after the storm and all the pictures i saw. what´s your opinion?
good time for a beginner? all the damage is cleared up? the weather became normal? thanks in advance for your answer.
best regards, peter (germany)

Camille said...

Hallo Peter,

5 weeks from now everything should be fine again and all clean up work long gone!

Enjoy your trip but keep an eye out on my blog and keep checking in for updates.

Camille said...

Hi Lina,

By the 13th Samui should be almost finished with the clean up, I hope!

Meg said...

Hi Camille

Hope you are coping ok with all the flooding, bad news indeed for the islands and villages affected, hope the situation improves quickly for those without food and water.

I will soon be travelling to Samui myself to visit friends and am praying that I'll be able to make it, I don't travel until the 15th April, but am quite concerned I will not be able to get there from Bangkok.

Just wanted to say that I found your blog really helpful in seeing the current situation and pictures, thanks for keeping us connected!


Camille said...


You shouldn't worry, the airport opened again and by the 15th I would expect the situation to be under control again.

John D said...

Hi Camille

Can I say that your blog is fantastic - the best source I have found so far regarding the island and what is going on at the moment. We are due to fly to the island on the 17th April but I am concerned that the rains will continue for the next few days and that the clear up will take much longer than expected due to roads etc.

We are due to stay in the Hansar Samui resort but the pictures of Bhoput that you showed looked very bad indeed. Any comments on the hotel or the location - is it still there?



MeganNicole said...

I should be coming out to Koh Samui with my family on the 7th April staying at Grand Cantara, do you think the area will still be badly affected or back to normal?
What is the weather like there now?
Thankyou you've helped alot

Camille said...

Hi Megan,

Possibly you will encounter clean up activities other than that it should be fine.

Camille said...

Hi John,

In two weeks you will be fine. No specific information about Hansar but it's still there!

Fan said...


Thanks a lot for the information on your website.
I am wondering if you think the situation is going to improve the phuket area 2 weeks from now. Is Ko Lanta not being much effect at all?

Thanks so much,

Camille said...

Hi Fan,

Phuket should be fine and Koh Lanta had some rain, maybe more than usual than the time of the year would 'dictate' but nothing compared to the rest of South Thailand. It's just fine here!

Jamie said...

Sawatdee kraup Camille

I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but both my fiancee Sarah and I have been following your blogs for quite a while now. Firstly, my sincere condolences to you and everyone in Thailand at the moment experiencing this terrible weather and the destruction that it has caused. I do hope you and your loved ones are all safe and that things will start to get bet for everyone caught up in this situation.

I would kindly like to get some information and advice from your good self regarding our wedding in a couple of weeks. Sarah and I are flying out to Bangkok on Saturday and staying there for approx 4-5 days. We are then heading to Koh Samui for one night and have a hotel booked in Koh Tao for 3 nights (8th - 11th April). We are then due to meet up with our family and friends again in Koh Samui and are all booked in to stay at the Imperial Boat House in Choeng Mon. On the 16th of April we are due to get married in Koh Samui on a beach.

I know you have an aweful lot to deal with at the moment but I was wondering if you could offer us some advice on whether you think our plans may have to change at all. I know its difficult to tell at the moment but if you able to maybe keep us posted on what things are doing over in Thailand we would be so very grateful,

Things like transportation, accomdation, weather etc are all worries that we now have and any help at all would be greatly recieved.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon Camille and wish you all the very best.

Thank you in advance and best wishes

Jamie & Sarah

Camille said...

Hi Jamie & Sarah,

Thanks for your support!

By the 16th April I would expect everything to be good again and a wedding should be no problem as far as I can judge right now.

Hope this helps for now!

Eric said...


I've been looking at your weather blog in amazement at the destruction from the recent flooding. I'm supposed to be traveling with my family (3 kids under 7 years old) and friends (also with young kids) to the island on Friday and was wondering if I should now cancel and reschedule. Could you give me any insight on the conditions of the roads between the airport and the Lipa Noi? We've rented a villa there and not sure we can even get to it from the looks of your blog. Also, would any of the tours or tourist attractions be back open next week or does recovery from damage look to be too overwhelming at this point? Any info or recommendation would be helpful and extremely appreciated. Thanks.


Camille said...

Hi Eric,

Things will have improved by Friday and clean up and repair work should be in full swing. It may still be a bit shaky left and right but the weather forecasts are very good with plenty of sunshine predicted. Food supplies should be stocked up as well. I'm not sure how the situation in Lipa Noi is right now.

Hope this helps for now.

Nitzan said...

Hi,i wish to know if samui airport is open i'll come on the 5 april and i need to get to lamai can i make it the rood will be open?
thanks allot for all the information

Camille said...

Hi Nitzan,

The airport opened yesterday already and the road to Lamai should be accessible.

Bradley said...

Hi Camille, firstly I would like to say your blog is great and helps people like me trying to research from the other side of the world! I have also been looking at Jamies Phuket blog (he advised me to check your blog). I have a trip to Bophut- Koh Samui on Friday 15th April- I arrive in Phuket on Saturday 9th April and hoped you could help me with my worries! Firstly do you think I can expect the normal hot sunny Apeul weather during my trip and secondly do you think the effects of the recent weather will show across Bophut and Chaweng? And more importantly do you think the locals and tourists effected by this will be ok?
I really hope the sun comes out for me as I have saved for years for this trip and chose this time of year as 5 years ago when I visited Thailand it was perfect hot-hot weather!

Camille said...

Hi Bradley,

In two weeks time Samui should be more or less up and running again.

The weather forecasts predict loads of sunshine for next week!

Cindy said...


Hi! My husband and I have a booking for April 7-10 in Ko Samui at the Bhundhari, near the airport. I can't expect you to see the future, but in your experience of this kind of flooding in the area, in a week's time, could we generally expect to come for a few days and have a pleasant trip? We are simple travelers just looking to enjoy the beach and some great food, really. However, the trip is refundable, so we would lose nothing by canceling, except just that we'd be disappointed because we've been to Phuket twice and really wanted to give this place a try instead this time. I've thought of calling the hotel and getting their opinion, but although their English is good enough for making a booking, I don't know if we could communicate about whether the grounds of the resort are suitable for walking or if sidewalks and steps are washed out and the like. Should I be concerned about that? Thanks for your help!


Camille said...

Hi Cindy,

In a week time a lot of damage control and clean up work can be achieved. The weather forecasts are very good with plenty of sunshine.

The Bhundari itself is on very high ground and should be ok.

Dorte said...

Hey camille,

Thank you very much for quick answer. Hope i can wright to you after the weekend for update.

Jamie said...

Thanks for posting current pics of Ko Samui, its has been helpful. My family and I are suppose to visit Bo Phat beach April 18-april 23. We are staying at Hansar Resort. Do you think that that area is ok, or do you
think it is too dangerous for young children. Thanks Jamie

Camille said...

Hi Jamie,

Come the 18th April I expect everything to be up and running again and pretty much to business as usual!

Catherine said...

Hi Camille, I didn't realise that so many people were missing. It's sad news indeed.

"A LANDSLIDE on a Krabi hillside has reportedly buried eight villages, with ''up to 1000 people'' said to be missing. "

Camille said...

Hi Catherine,

Turned out that 'only' 100 were missing, about 10 bodies have been recovered so far, to the best of my knowledge.