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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Food on Wheels; Pancake cartoon

Food on Wheels; Pancake cartoon

With the school year almost ending it's a good time to continue the Food on Wheels series with an entry of a 'pancake cartoon' vendor at my son's school in Chaweng.

As with most alike vendors, the kids love this pancake and considering that this particular vendor isn't always around, his popularity is pretty high!

The set up is very straightforward, the motorbike with sidecar, which hosts the hot plates and the gas tank.

With a chocolate based dough, the outline of the cartoon which is chosen by a kid, is being drawn on the hot plate.

A 'normal' white based, fluid dough is than added to the original outlined cartoon figure and fills this outline up. This is all wrapped up in a bag and eaten. Total cost about 10,-THB.

The finished product or pancake cartoon!

The cartoon options available.

Hope you enjoyed this addition in this series, more to come later this month.


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