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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The situation on Koh Tao, March 2011

The situation on Koh Tao, March 2011

During the last couple of days I received a lot of questions regarding the situation on Koh Tao and it seems that they have been hit even harder than Koh Samui.

The torrential rains have done some serious structural damage and since the island was not reachable by ferries over the last 4 days, food and drinking water supplies were starting to run low.

Today the Royal Thai Navy's HTMS Chakri Naruebet an Offshore Patrol Helicopter Carrier has arrived at Koh Tao and started evacuating people off the island.

Here are some pictures from Koh Tao, partly from the Koh Tao Zone site;

Sairee beach road



Angie said...

Hello Camille,

I came across your blog while doing some trip planning. My fiancé' and I
are planning on visiting Koh Samui and/or the nearby islands for our
honeymoon in late May - early June. Can you tell me whether the flooding
is expected to cause significant permanent destruction to the area? Would
you advice against traveling to this region during this time or do you
predict that the situation will be improved by then. I appreciate any
advice you might have and also extend my sympathies to you and others
affected by the flooding.


Camille said...

Hi Angie,

Late April/early May Samui will be totally fine again! No reason to worry, over the coming weekend the sun should be out again!

Hope this helps for now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Camille,

your blog is awesome, thanks for keeping everyone around the world informed like that. I guess there a lots of "frightened" traverls around as we are and this surely helps a lot!
Unfortunately we are arriving quite early, next wednesday (6th) and are planning for two nice weeks over there. Do you think next wednesday will be fine again? We'll stay in Chaweng (Poppies Hotel). Hopefully this still exists as well as the lovely beach...

Best regards, John

Tim said...

Hi Camille,

your blog is fantastic. I have flights booked to fly into Samui around the 20th April, and am currently wondering if I should change my travel plans? I was hoping to spend some time around Chaweng and also stay on Koh Phangan.

What is your opinion? I am most concerned about the damage to infrastructure and the surrounding environment.


Camille said...

Hi Tim,

I expect most damage to be dealt with by the 20th April. In my opinion you will be fine.

Camille said...

Hi John,

Poppies will still be there but there may have been some flooding in that area. You will possibly find Samui in a clean up mode by the 6th.

kiyose said...

Hi Camille,

Thank you for this site. We've been stuck in our hotel in Mae Nam since landing Sunday. We were planning on going to Koh Phangan and then on to Koh Tao but obviously plans have been delayed. When do you think travel to either or both islands will be advisable? We need to be back on Samui on the 9th.

I would love to get some diving in but I expect the viz to be pretty poor for awhile.

Again, many thanks!

kllewell said...

Hi Camille,
I also think that your blog is fantastic! It is better than the authorities who are scaring us away and the news reports which are just telling us about all the people they are getting out, but nothing about whether we should go in. Our colleagues are meant to be arriving on Sunday and we are arriving on Thursday (going to Phuket first) and staying at the Baan Samui. Do you know if that area is ok? Can you provide us any reassurance? I watch your blog in anticipation every day. Thanks! Kylie

Anonymous said...

Hello Camille,

we would like to travel the end of the next month to Thailand. We have any itinery - first stop Krabi (4days) after we would like to go Koh-Tao (3 days) and the last is Koh-Phangan (3days). We have about 3 or 4 week still our journey but I'm afraid that this time is too short for the inhabitant. What is your opinion? Will these place re-established in sort time? (until my travel)
Or have to find and other target in Thailand? I dont know what have to do...

Camille said...

Hi Kiyose,

Right now I would advise to stay on Samui and diving is not really going to be great for the next couple of days I'm afraid.

Camille said...

Hi Kylie,

The floods should be gone by than but I don't know about any updates on Baan Samui.

The weather forecasts are very good for next week so hopefully clean up and repair work can start quickly.

Camille said...

By the end of the month all should be fine again and travel should be no problem.

Angie said...

Hi Camille,

Thanks! This is very helpful! I'm glad that to hear that things should be fine by then.

Camille said...

You're welcome Angie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Camille

Thank goodness for your blog.
My boyfriend and I are due to fly into Surat Thani on the 10th April and
get the ferry over to Koh Samui, we are due to stay a week in the Kinnaree
Resort on Bangrak Beach. Do you know if there is any particularly bad
damage that has happened there? I have emailed them but as yet no reply. We
are also due to go over to Ko Phangan to stay at the Phuwadee resort on the
17th. I know the weather is getting better, but how long do things take to
get back to normal. We are really at a loss as to what to do and have even
thought about going to the Philipines. I would like to stick to the itinery
and take it as it comes but my boyfriend is less keen to say the least. I
need back up to resure hime that things might be okay. With your
experience, what do you suggest?

Camille said...


By the 10th a lot of clean up work and repair has been done and things should be up and running again. The Kinnaree is near a flooded area so I have no idea how the situation is at the hotel.
Things might take a little longer than normal to get up to speed again but in 10 days time the major clean up work should have been completed.

Hope this helps for now.

Anonymous said...


my parents have booked a flight to Ko phangan on 14.03.2011, now we have heard about the flooding all over Thailand, but it seems that here are the news restricted. you did not get any good information about the latest situation. i am very worried and it seems that the flight and hotel cannot be canncelled only for very high fees. so what do you think about the situation right now, is it safe and worth it to travel?

many thanks from germany,


Anonymous said...

Hello camille.. Your blog has been the most uptodate news and I've been reading daily.. Thank you for the effort.. Me and group of friends had booked flights to samui on the 16th and will be staying near the chewing lake on the hill.. On 16th night and will be heading to phangan on the 17th for the fullmoon party.. Since that the news said weather has been improving.. Will the full moon party will be on? Curently we have paid and no refunds available.. Should we carry on or cancel the trip? Please kindly advice

Chicca said...

Dear Camille,
Thank you for your blog and all information you give!!! Camille, I'm going to reach Samui on sunday 3rd April for one holiday week in Chaweng. I saw flooding pictures and heard many non-comforting news. I can not postpone the flight and also hotel reservation. Which is the real situation there? Is the airport working? Are there many flooding areas? I am very worried... thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.

Camille said...

No news on the full moon party, right now I would assume it will go ahead.

Camille said...


If you're planning to visit Koh Samui within a week or so, expect a damaged island with a lot of clean up and repair work going on. I'm sure that hotels that aren't affected will do their uttermost best to accommodate you but Samui won't be at it's prettiest!

Fatih said...

Dear Camille;
Thank you for your kind reply for donation, I know it is pretty low but I hope it can help you for your amazing blog which helps me every day. I am planing to come samui at 8 april and believe me, every morning before breakfast me and my wife are checking your blog for the latest news. Even we call you CNNC (CNN Camille) :) you did and doing a great job for us.
I hope we will be in Samui at 8th of April and can have a chance to meet with you.
Take care of your self and your family,
Best Regards

Reality Check said...

By the looks of the extensive damage on Samui in these pictures I imagine it will take a few months to restore some semblance of normality on the island, Chaweng is a disaster zone and as the roads south of Chumphon are cutoff to supply traffic food and construction materials will be delayed for some time...!/photo.php?fbid=121826877892855&set=a.121604804581729.22961.120068408068702&pid=148350&id=120068408068702 Koh Tao is much better off in comparison and has normal ferry transport direct to the mainland and main traffic routes as of today, Koh Phangan... well nothing ever stops the party there ;-)

Kaija said...

Hi Camille,
I have a 19 year old daughter who is supposed to go to Koh Tao to learn diving. Is it safe at Koh Tao yet?

Camille said...

Hi Kaija,

I can understand your concern but the situation on Koh Tao is back to normal! Dive boats are running since a few days already and visibility is improving each day!

Koh Tao's damage was mainly done to residential areas, not areas where the tourist normally go to.

Juliette said...

Hello Camille,
We are currently in Chiang Mai and we are supposed to fly to Ko Samui and ko tao on the 30th.
Prior to booking our hotel we wanted to check on the weather forecast. What we found on the internet is rain and clouds from the 30th to the 5th. Do you think this is reliable?


Camille said...

Hi Juliette,

The weather should be just fine, warm and sunny! Some of the forecasts just need the right knowledge of interpreting them, they give you a % chance of rain and everything over 30% means clouds and rains!

Please have a look at my archives, half way down the page on my Samui info and weather blog, left hand side, they go back 4 years. Open a month that you’re interested in and check one of the of the last posts of each month, starting with ‘Goodbye to…………’ this post will tell you the weather conditions for that month.
You can also check each individual post for that month if you wish to.