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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Samui International Body Painting Competition

Samui International Body Painting Competition

This event will be organized in the weekend from 26th and 27th March at the Buddy Resort in Lamai from 17.00 to 23.00 each day with free entrance.
You can check their own official website here and there's also a Facebook group.

Hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Koh Samui municipality, the one-of-a-kind showcase is set to put one of Thailand's best paradise islands on the map as the venue for top international body painting competitions like the "International Body Painting Festival" in Germany, "World Body Painting Festival" in Austria, and the "Canadian Body Painting Festival".

Blend into the back ground

The theme of this years Samui International Body Painting Competition is “preserve the Paradise” and everyone will be able to take part in the event and have a lot of fun. Aside from artists and models competing for the top awards there will also be nail painting, henna painting, doll painting, and painting on recycled goods. You can also be a model if you like or just have a few drinks and paint on yourself.

In contrast to the paint job above, nudity is not allowed during this competition and bikini's will be used by models.

Hope you will have time to visit this event, I will be off to Koh Lanta again to conduct once more an IDC outside of Samui. Enjoy the competition nonetheless on my behalf!

With thanks to Talen and his Thailand Land of Smiles blog, who pointed me in this direction!



Clarice said...

hi Camille,
I just wanted to know who are the winners of the International body
Thank you

Camille said...

Hi Clarice,

No idea since I'm not on Samui right now and didn't attend the event.

Clarice said...

Thank you :-)