Tuesday 29 March 2011

Hotel bookings and reviews on Koh Samui for 2011

Hotel bookings and reviews on Koh Samui for 2011

Once Samui has cleaned up the debris from the current storm that raged over the island, it's time to start thinking of your next booking on our lovely island!

Besides this Samui info and weather blog, I also have a blog with Samui hotel recommendations that I update twice per month. Right now over 70 hotels are listed and the good thing about the reviews is that I either visited these hotels myself because family or friends stayed there, so I actually have a personal view on the hotels with often some interesting inside information that you won't be able to find on a booking site!

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One of these sites is the 'Hotels Combined' site, as pictured above which compares various hotels on various booking sites, very useful to get a good deal.

The other site is the well known and trusted Agoda site

Maybe it's a good idea to bookmark my blog and use it once you plan on booking your hotel on Koh Samui or somewhere else around Thailand.



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille, I was devastated to hear about the floods on Samui, I hope that you and your family are safe and well. We are coming to visit in a couple of weeks time so I guess i will be keeping a very close eye on your blog for updates. I hope the sun starts to shine for you soon and that the clean up goes well.Regards Anna

Camille said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your support, it's appreciated.

In a few weeks time things should have been restored to 'normal'.

Randel said...

Hi Camille,
Thanks - yours is a wonderful blog! We're going for our first trip to Thailand and Samui in 2 weeks time. Do you think things will be ok by then or should we stay in Phuket?
Thanks muchly!

Camille said...

Hi Randel,

In two weeks time things should have settled back into a normal rhythm again and all the clean up work should have been finished by than.

Phil said...

Hi Camille,
We are flying to Bangkok on thursday and off to Koh samui on tuesday and staying at the Tongsai bay,we are a little concerned about the flooding as you are,hope you are safe.The travel agent is calling today regarding the situation,but we are worried about the roads,clean water electricity etc and with 2 children who want to go on an elephant trek,we are wondering if our trip will marred by whats been happening.sounds selfish us being just a tourist.

Camille said...

Hi Phil,

Next week I expect Samui to be in full recovery mode and cleaning up. I wouldn't worry about fresh water and food by than, the airport and the ferries should resume business fairly soon.

The elephant trip might be a bit of a stretch at this moment though.....

Anonymous said...

camille I have been following your blog for what seems like ages but what was a daily pleasure is now a nightmare, and this is just my anxiety that my holiday may be cancelled in 17 days time. It must be awful for yourselves. On the cnn news is said 800mm of rainfall within a few days. The stats online state that this is unusual but I see on your blog there has been simelar floods and damage, if the weather improves on friday (lets pretend) do you think it would be suitable for me to still visit the islands? could samui recover from this that quickly. We are staying at gurich samui in lamai and I believe it is really bad there. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey - great blog!

We are planning on coming to Samui on the 14th April. Will everything be ok then?

Where do you recommend we are for Songkran? We are thinking Bangkok / Pattaya.

Is the weather going to be ok?

Hope you are OK and safe and will be bookmarking this blog!



Camille said...

In two weeks time Samui should be fine again. This kind of weather is unusual for the time of the year!

Samui had 400mm of rain in just one day indeed.

Camille said...

Hi Jonny,

In two weeks time Samui should be fien again.

Songkran is crazy in Bangkok (Khao San Road) and crazy and raunchy in Pattaya, make your pick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,

You're blog is fab and keeps me up to date!

I will be travelling to Koh Samui oon 25th April (first stop Bangkok and then Chiang Mai) - I hope that the flood situation will be ok by then so we can enjoy the sunshine!


Camille said...

Hi Kamini,

By the 25th Samui should be totally fine!