Saturday 12 March 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 12th March, 2011

Today's weather;

First of all I would like a moment to share my thoughts and supports for my Japanese friends and their relatives and my friends in Japan.
There were a few moments yesterday when I wasn't too convinced that nothing would or could happen on Koh Samui, but as things panned out overnight and this morning, the impact of the Tsunami was less around the Pacific Rim compared to the devastating footage coming out of Northern Japan.

Koh Samui is dry but cloudy with strong wind this morning. Current temp at 7am is 28.2C

Later today I will return to Samui, after completion of the current PADI IE.

Yesterday was mainly dry but saw some rain in the late evening and during the night on Samui. Max temp reached 29.4C

Koh Lanta looks partly clouded this morning with a current temp of 26.2C

Yesterday saw a dry day on Lanta and a max temp of around 31C


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