Friday 4 March 2011

Faim de Loup, Bakery at Phra Ae, Koh Lanta

Faim de Loup, Bakery at Phra Ae, Koh Lanta

During my day off from the current IDC on Koh Lanta, I had lunch at Faim de Loup, a French bakery in Phra Ae on Koh Lanta.

During my recent visits to Koh Lanta, this is the place where I went to get my wholewheat bread for my breakfast! It's excellent and the nice thing is that after a couple of months the lady who runs the place recognized me when I went back last week for more (breakfast) bread.

My lunch, a club sandwich and a café au lait. French fries can be ordered separately.

The bread and bakery goods that are on display, haven't tried the baked goods, yet!

The place is very laid back and the menu is not too big so you don't get overwhelmed with options and choices. Always check for specials, this may be worthwhile. Today there was gratin and salad as a special.

Faim de Loup is kind of opposite the Red Snapper in Phra Ae and the picture above shows how it looks like. If you're in this area, go and have breakfast or lunch or get your baked needs on Koh Lanta taken care of!



Martyn said...

Faim de Loup looks a nice cosy place to enjoy a light brunch. For years I struggled to find the perfect sandwich bread in Thailand but I've now located it in of all places, Tesco Lotus. A sandwich or toastie has to have the right bread.

I wish you would include the price of your meals in these type of posts. It's always handy to know the price of things in different parts of Thailand.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

The place is very cosy! Bread, tell me about it, I also buy the whole wheat sandwich bread from Tesco's by lack of better or rather, something near to where I live on Samui!

Including prices, mmmm, this one was relatively cheap, the club sandwich was 130,-THB and another 35,-THB if wanted fries. The coffee was 65,-THB.