Friday 11 March 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 11th March, 2011

Today's weather;

Koh Samui had a little bit of rain this morning but it stopped already. Current temp at 7am is 28C

Yesterday saw plenty of rain all day long mixed with sunny periods on Samui. Max temp reached 29C

Ao Nang beach, where I was yesterday, with it's dramatic coast line

Koh Lanta woke up under a cloudy sky. Current temp at 7am is 26.8C

Today the PADI IE is starting on Koh Lanta which finishes tomorrow, after which I drive back home, tomorrow should see me back on Samui again!

Yesterday saw a mostly sunny day on Koh Lanta and it stayed dry. Max temp reached 32.5C



Rishi said...

Hi Camille,

My name is Rishi. I will be traveling to Koh Samui with a group of 7 others, spending 3 nights from the 28th April to the 1st/2nd of May. We are all friends within the 23-30 year age group.

I come across your blog online a couple of days ago whilst planning my trip to Thailand. Its a wonderful website with lots of information that is very helpful. Great job!

I have yet to decide where to stay at Koh Samui and wanted to request you to share your personal experiences and provide an opinion.

From my initial research, I felt that Chaweng beach is probably the best place to stay, however a lot of people who have stayed at Chaweng have said that it is quite busy with hawkers and dogs - not the best beach to relax.

The other 2 beaches I was considering are Bophut and Lamai. I have read that Bophut beach isn't as good as Chaweng but has a decent amount of shops and restaurants. Lamai on the other hand, I believe, is the best beach at Koh Samui and is also a lot quieter. Am I correct?

I'm sure our group wouldn't want to be located in a very quiet secluded area, however, as we are travelling from London where we don't get Samuis great weather or beaches, we would like to be able to relax on the beach and soak up some sun peacefully for one day at least.

Chaweng offers a vibrant atmosphere and great night life; Lamai offers a peaceful and quit experience with the best beach whilst Bophut is a bit inbetween.

My dilemma is should I consider living at Lamai and spending one afternoon/evening at Chaweng? Or the opposite? Live in Chaweng and spend a day/afternoon at Lamai?

I would really appreciate your advice on the above.


Camille said...

Hi Rishi,

Lamia is a very nice beach and there's also a bit of nightlife. Looking at what you tell me, I would opt for Lamai, that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beach down in Lamai and once you want to explore other nightlife, you can go up to Chaweng.

Beach wise, Chaweng is the best imo, followed by Lamia and Bophud would be the lesser beach, again imo.

Try this link to get an idea for hotels in Lamai I can recommend Lamai Inn 99

Hope this helps for now.

Camille said...

Hi Rishi,

For what you're looking for I would recommend Lamai.

I would recommend the Lamai Inn 99

Rishi said...

Hi Camille,

Many thanks for your quick response.

May I ask why you consider Chaweng to be the best beach? Would your recommend a group of friends to stay at a resort in Chaweng or Lamai?


Camille said...

Hi Rishi,

Chaweng would be the better beach just looking at the quality of the sand, it ain't nowhere as nice as in Chaweng, that's the only reason. Chaweng is also the busiest part of the island, with plenty of nightlife, shopping etc. Lamai is a bit more laid back and relaxed compared to Chaweng.

Pending on what your preferences are, if it's nightlife, than Chaweng, if it's a more laidback holiday, I would recommend Lamai.