Monday 12 January 2009

Thaksin Hospital, Surat Thani town

Thaksin Hospital, Surat Thani town

Is a provincial, privately run hospital in the capital city of the province of Surat Thani, of which Koh Samui is part of. This hospital is housed in a fairly nondescript building in the outskirts of Surat Thani city, see the picture below.

It's not a fancy hospital, although it's relatively new but it has more medical equipment than all of the Samui hospitals combined, including the Bangkok - Samui hospital, for more extensive tests, like an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan. If you need one of them, you can have them done in Bangkok at the various hospitals there or at Thaksin Hospital in Surat Thani. Most Westerners will opt for Bangkok, amongst others for the availability of English speaking doctors and staff, service and convenience but most Thais opt for this hospital if there's a situation that can't be dealt with on Samui. Compared to some of the nicer hospitals in Bangkok, this place is rather basic.

View from the main road to the entrance of Thaksin Hospital in Surat Thani city.
We're here to run some additional tests for my Dad who developed back problems since 3 weeks and the pain just won't go away. It makes him immobile and we hope to find a reason for his discomfort here.

Tonight we're staying overnight with an appointment for an MRI scan tomorrow morning in the hope we can leave somewhere tomorrow, back to Samui.



Anonymous said...

Wens je vader beterschap en toch wel fijn dat het hier in de ziekenhuizen stukken sneller gaat dan in Nederland met zijn ellenlange wachtlijsten.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Bedankt, het gaat al weer een beetje beter met hem.

Inderdaad een hele andere opzet met de ziekenhuizen hier, in alle opzichten!

Nicki said...

Hi Camille
My baby is in need of an operation and I was told that the best hospital for pediatric care was in Surat Thani. (we are in Phuket) Do you know if it is this hospital? If it is would you happen to have a phone number for them?

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Nicki,

Not sure if Thaksin is the hospital that you're looking for, I thought that Bangkok - Phuket hospital in Phuket was catering for children fairly adequately.

In any case, the phone # for Thaksin hospital in Surat Thani is 077 285 701-3

Good luck with your baby.

Anonymous said...

No pediatric surgeons in Phuket
thanks for the number

Brano Gege said...

I am living in Koh Phangan, I got bad infection (wound on my foot is already OK), when I move everything hurts, so I feel like 70 yers old man. I was in Thaksin hospital before with my girlfriend, it was OK, so thats why I want go there again. It is much more cheaper and better than all Koh Samui hospitals. So I agree with your article and thanks for it.

Camille Lemmens said...

Good luck Brano!

Les said...

Thanks for guidance, I'm now living in Surat Thani city, having moved from Bangkok. I'll now give Thaksin Hospital a visit, in order to find a GP to monitor my hyper tension. I've only ever been to Bangkok's Bummrungrad hospital, like a 5 star hotel & great medics; OK as I had medical insurance then, now I've not got it, so need to be careful. Cheers

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Les,

Glad I could be of help. Thaksin can not be compared to Bumrungrad in a long shot but it's good, the best in Surat Thani in my opinion and a lot cheaper than Bumrungrad.

It's not the government hospital though, that's called 'wrong prayabaan Makaam Thia' and is located near the Diamond Plaza hotel.

Deborah said...

Hi, Camille, I live in Surat Thani, and need to find a good obstetrician,
I was wondering if you could recommend a clinic or hospital with modern ultrasound facilities?

Thank you

Camille said...

Hi Deborah,

Unfortunately for you the only experience I have in Surat Thani is with Thaksin hospital.

Charles said...

I just returned (September 2010) to my home in Ang Sila from a hernia repair at Thaksin Hospital. I can honestly say that it was a most pleasant experience all the way: a super English-speaking doctor, friendly staff, good food, and a price that was 100,000 baht less than I was quoted in Sri Racha!

Yes, the hospital is simple but not run-down, and they have all the expertise and equipment to do a first-class job.

In summary, I would say don't worry - you will be in good hands!

Camille said...

Thanks for sharing Charles and good to see that you had a good experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm currently in koh samui and in need of an MRI scan to determine acl injury. What's the best place to have it done in surathani. The doc I seen here weren't very helpful in telling what hospital he recommended, jus gave me the number to get a price for the scan. They only spoke Thai when I called!

Camille said...

Thaksin Hospital would be good but bring a Thai speaking person or have a Thai speaking person call them on behalf for you.

Anonymous said...

I want to have a birthmark checked and possibly removed and sent for pathology. Would like to know if they have an english speaking doctor/dermatologist who could this in Thaksin hospital or alternatively a hospital in Koh Samui? Thank you!

Camille said...

I would imagine that this can be done on Koh Samui at Bangkok Samui hospital. Staff there will speak English.

Dieter Schuffenhauer said...

Hi Camille

I was wondering if you still have some information on the doctor who treated your dad's back problems at Thaksin Hospital? My wife (Thai) has also been having back trouble for several weeks now. We live on Koh Tao and all the doctors here want to do is give her pain medication instead of trying to source the problem.
Any suggestions?

Camille said...

Hi Dieter,

Unfortunately I don't remember the name of that doctor, however, once you're at the hospital, they will assign a specialist to your wife. You have to be there very early and it's a private hospital, so unless your wife has insurance (not the Thai 30.-Baht kind), you will have to pay for your wife's treatment.

Hope this helps for now.