Tuesday, 13 January 2009

13th January, 2009

Today's weather;

Surat Thani has a partially clouded sky with a current temp at 7 am of 18.5C! Brrrr. Samui had 24.5C.

Yesterday saw a max temp of 28C in Surat Thani and 27.9C on Samui. Partly clouded skies with plenty of sunshine but not too hot!

Here is one for our Northern Europeans friends; Baby, it's cold outside!



Anonymous said...

Cold? Those temperatures you are reporting is like spring or early summer here.
Good fishing though. You got my reaction ;-)
I was in doubt to bring sweaters to Samui this year, but i think i bring them also.
How's dad?

Grtz. Richard

The Frogblogger said...

Brr 18.5 hdeg C? Know what you mean though! Went skiing Sunday in the southern French Alps, -9 degrees first thing, but somehow felt quite comfortable without Thai humidity!