Monday, 12 January 2009

Chinese restaurant opposite the Chinese Temple, Surat Thani city

Chinese restaurant opposite the Chinese Temple, Surat Thani city

That's the name the owner gave us when asked about the name of the restaurant, Chinese restaurant opposite the Chinese Temple. Well, everybody from Surat Thani knows now exactly which place you're referring to!

A rough guideline or help is that it's located near the night market in Surat Thani.

Outside they have loads of Thai/Chinese style take away food on display on big platters, including vegetarian options (tofu with vegetables, very yummy!).

If you decide to eat indoors, there are plenty of 'a la carte' dishes available and the food is really nice and totally affordable.

Rice is offered in various ways, kao pad or the stir fried rice, kao suay or steamed rice but the preferred way of eating rice here is in a small bowl of rice soup!

If in Surat Thani and you're staying over for whatever reason or during the day time you find yourselves in Surat Thani, this is a good option for some excellent food.

Last but not least, a picture of the Chinese Temple of which the restaurant derives its name. The temple is located at the same kinda traffic roundabout as the restaurant. This Chinese temple is definitely a place I would like to check out during the daytime!


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