Monday, 26 January 2009

Le Celtique Restaurant, Phuket

Le Celtique Restaurant, Phuket
Went for dinner with my friend Rob to a very nice French restaurant 'Le Celtique' last Friday evening when in Phuket; cuisine Fran├žaise, Thai, pizza and seafood. Excellent food and worthwhile checking out. A very nice atmosphere and outstanding food. I had a fish pate as a starter and grilled duck breast with an excellent pepper sauce. It's a little bit hard to find, but here's Lek's and Bertrand's phone number for directions; 08 9588 9517 or 08 4842 6233 or try their email adress
The restaurant sign
Frontal view of Le Celtique, note that there's a cosy outside sitting area

Saturday's menu, the rillette was outstanding and a very big portion

Inside Le Celtique

If in Phuket, try to find this lovely restaurant and enjoy a wonderful meal.


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