Monday, 12 January 2009

Surat Thani night market

The Surat Thani night market

Is small but very nice. It's a street near the ocean and maybe just a 100 or 150 meters long with two smaller, not so busy side streets going off of the main night market street.

As usual with the average Thai night market, there's loads of food available and plenty of folks on their way home or just popping out of home to get some take away get into the action.

A wide variety of food is available, ranging from sweets, various differently prepared chicken dishes, fish, veggies, fruits, drinks, you name it and some more that you never heard of or never saw before or possibly never considered to consume! A real nice experience and never tiring. We enjoyed a nice relaxed stroll over the market.
Besides food there's plenty of other stuff for sale; clothes, cheap jewelry and cosmetics and plenty more.

Instead of take away food you can also sit down at some of the stalls and enjoy the offerings straight away, right there and than. Along the market are also a few restaurant places where you can sit, simple affairs with probably some good nosh.
Most Thai cities have a night market and if you have the opportunity, go and check it out, it's a colourful and enjoyable affair and you may end up trying some food you never had before.


Anonymous said...

Night markets, now you're talking. I love going to the Centre Point Night Market in Udon Thani. Night markets are always buzzing and they're great places to eat at and take a gentle stroll around the stalls. The market in Udon as a large cluster of covered bars with a giant TV screen, great to chill out at and watch some live football.

Unknown said...

Hi Camille,
I am writing to ask for some quirky info on Koh Samui. I can't find your contact info, so I'll leave my question here.

I'm obsessed with durian (as seen by my website, I'm looking for info about where to buy durian on Koh Samui or Suratthani, preferably from the farm. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

Camille said...

Hi Lindsay,

On Samui and Surat you can get them at the local markets, pending whether they're in season or not.
If out of season you may still be able to get some but you would need the help of locals who either grow them or know plantations owners.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the response Camille. Can you suggest a good market to buy durian or could you suggest a farm? I'd really love to find a farmstand with durian ban.

Camille said...

Hi Lindsay,
For markets, mostly the more 'local' the market, the more likely to find durian. Once they're in season, just watch carefully each house step, if the family grows them, they will have them up for sale in front of their house and possibly you can develop a 'relationship' and get them in the future straight from the farm.