Friday, 9 January 2009

Children's day at my daughters school

Today was Children's day at my daughters school.

This in anticipation of tomorrow's nation wide Children days, where throughout the country plenty of activities are under way for children to participate in or to visit. Traditionally the army, navy and such give demonstrations and display hardware.

At my daughters school it was a full house with all the kids dressed up to perform a dance during a song and plenty of proud parents and grand parents were there to witness all this.

On a stage the children of the various groups/classes danced to music with the parents in front of the stage, taking pictures and shooting videos.

Plenty of presents and sweets were available which could be won by participating in a wide spectrum of various games, supervised by the various teachers.

One of the activities offered and a favored one was painting with water paint. Small figurines and drawings could be painted which attracted loads of kids to give it a try.
Our children had a blast and the school had it all well organised with plenty of free drinks and some food thrown in as well. A good was had by us all and we may venture out tomorrow to see if we can get some more action in Nathon.

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