Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day trip to Surat Thani

Day trip to Surat Thani

Yesterday we came over to the mainland with strong winds on the ferry ride but the boat stayed stable enough to have a pleasant ride. It was very busy, lots of folks are on the way back home again.

The cosy little shopping road leading up to the restaurant

We went to see our friends Kob and Chot who live in Sakhon Nakhon but originate from near Surat Thani. Kob is a school friend of my wife who we visited last year during our Isaan trip.
Our friends Sao, who's wedding we visited last year was also present, being 10 weeks pregnant now.
We went to eat at the Nai Aow Restaurant in Kanchanadit, an excellent sea food place.

This visit was no exception, the food was awesome and we ate some mighty big crabs amongst others. This picture shows the advertisements for the various restaurants, Nai Aow is to the left.

The place is massive and can easily seat well over 200 people.

There was very high water this time around, in contrast to last time we visited. In the background are the oyster farms that this area is famous for.

On the way back to the car we stocked up on fresh made sweets and candy! Absolutely delicious.
We went to Kob's house, near Phun Pin (where Surat Thani's railway station is located) and hung out for a while. Than it was off to down town Surat Thani for another night at the Diamond Plaza Hotel. We'll be on the ferry back early this afternoon but not before we hit some shops in town!


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice, which makes me think a road trip south is called for in 2009!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Mike,

That'd be a good thing to have on your to do list for 2009!