Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bang Po Seafood restaurant, Bang Po

Bang Po Seafood restaurant

Is funnily enough located in Bang Po, on the main road between Maenam and Nathon, just before you reach the hills leading into Nathon.
There are a few seafood restaurants along this stretch of road and a few others call them selves also Bang Po something seafood. The 'real one' can easily be recognised by the amount of cars parked in front of it, along the road, since loads of (well off) Thais like to eat here. It looks similar to the picture below.
It's one of the few restaurants on Samui where real Samui food is still served, like Sabeinglae in Lamai. In March 2013 this restaurants was mentioned as one of the 20 best seafood restaurants on the world here.

It's been a few years since we've been here, my wife was really keen on coming out here so I gave her the pleasure. I'm a bit more reluctant in visiting, since out of the 3 times I had dinner here before this week, twice I got felled by food poisoning. Once from an oyster, which basically killed off my interest in said shell food and once from a typical Samui style Octopus soup with coconut. A soup I usually only see served at local weddings.

The food poisoning is something I experience about once a year, unfortunately I had it twice from this place, very rare.

It was time however to call the past the past and give it another try. The restaurant is well known and a lot of people rave about it. What I really liked about it is the fact that part of the restaurants tables are set up on the beach, so the kids can run freely and get themselves turned into little sandmen. Bring spare clothes!

You can also sit inside, there are plenty of tables set up there as well. We had a beautiful star filled sky though and thoroughly enjoyed the view over the ocean.

Down to the food, above is a typical Bang Po seafood specialty, Kapi yaang, a barbecued shrimp paste. That it's BBQ'ed is special about it. It's however not to my liking but my wife loves it and even my 6 year old daughter dug in seriously, although it's slightly spicy.
We also had Tom Yam Kuung, a spicy shrimp soup, which was rather nice, a Chu Chi Pla, a curried spicy mackerel, which we all found a bit too 'ground' tasting and a bit disappointing. The BBQ'd squid was nice.

The above pictured fish was excellently deep fried, a Plaa Jalamet or Pomfret an excellent tasting fish which they got done very well!
All in all though, I wasn't too impressed with the whole experience and especially considering how long we have to travel to get this restaurant, I don't feel it's worthwhile although the space for the children on the beach is nice. For the food I prefer Sabeinglae in Lamai, better quality for the same price and a similar distance to travel for me.

Oh, just for the record, I didn't get food poisoning this time around!



Anonymous said...

Dag Camille,
fijn om je commentaar te lezen over de restaurants in Bang Po en Sabeing lae in Lamai...het waren ook mijn favorieten, ik heb van 1997 tot 2003 in het straatje van de Hua Thanon vismarkt gewoond, daarna een paar maanden in Nongkhai dan in 2004 teruggekeerd naar Samui en dan in 2005 met mijn Thaise vrouw en 2 kinderen naar Belgiƫ, waar we nog steeds zijn...ik denk eraan om terug te keren maar is niet zo simpel, kinderen lopen hier school enz.... de zoontjes hebben hun geboorteland ondertussen ook al bijna 4 jaar niet meer gezien, de oudste geboren in Samui in '99 en de jongste in BKK in 2003 en we gaan zeker op vakantie naar Samui in juli -augustus dit jaar. Ik denk niet dat ik je ooit onmoette in Samui, 'k had een winkeltje in Chaweng en even een barretje in Lamai, in soi Samui moon. 'k Heb heimwee naar Thailand en Samui, heb het gevoel dat ik stilsta hier in het saaie Belgiƫ, met vriendelijke groeten, Luc

Camille Lemmens said...

Hallo Luc,

Bedankt voor je bericht.

Volgens mij hebben we elkaar ook niet eerder ontmoet. Ik hoop dat je reis naar Samui goed gaat bevallen en een beetje van de heimwee kan wegnemen!

Anonymous said...

To change the saying slightly " two out of three IS bad." You are certainly a bolder man than me, with food poisoning I'm definitely a " once bitten twice shy " person. Best wishes HD.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi HD,

Well, it was a few years ago, so I thought it be fine to check out again!