Sunday, 3 April 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 3rd April, 2011

Today's weather;

Samui woke up with another dry day to look forward to and although the sun isn't out right now, it should come out later today. Food is coming in, Big C and Tesco Lotus Chaweng have been re stocked and the markets have fish again because the fisherman are going out fishing. Current temp at 7am is 24.3C

Yesterday saw a dry day with some sunshine and repair work is in full swing, see yesterday's post. That's a good thing and I hope to be able to give more updates on clean up and repair work in progress soon. Most roads are dry or are drying up now. Max temp reached 28.6C

Thanks Joanne for a donation made!

Jet skis downtown Chaweng, roaming beach road, no jet ski scam recently on Samui!

The land roads to Samui are still blocked however and highway 44, between Surat Thani and Krabi, my gateway home has collapsed bridges and the old road north of Phuket is not an option since 4 meter floods are reported in Phun Pin, where Surat Thani's rail way station is. It may be possible of getting to Samui by making a big detour over Ranong. The roads from Chumpon to Surat is packed however by 100's of cars that can't move on and people are parked at the side of the road and on gas stations. It's going to be interesting to get back home again!

Flooding by night

Dear readers of my blog, I appreciate very much that you check in and that you are concerned about your upcoming trip and holiday to Koh Samui but please;

-Please keep in mind that I do NOT have lists of individual hotels and their current state. If I stumble over one or hear about one I will post it here on my blog.

-If you're planning to visit Koh Samui within a week or so, expect a damaged island with a lot of clean up and repair work going on. I'm sure that hotels that aren't affected will do their uttermost best to accommodate you but Samui won't be at it's prettiest! Everybody wants tourists to come back, beach clean ups will also be conducted.

-If you're planning to visit Samui around mid April, I would expect a lot of damage and debris been taken care of and your visit should be fine.

-Anybody planning on visiting towards the end of April or early May or even later, don't worry. Do not reschedule for November, that's usually Samui's rainy season!

Flooding in Khanom late March 2011

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Koh Tao evacuation, picture by Neil van Niekerk

-For information about Koh Tao, check out Ayesha's blog on Koh Tao, she claims that all is fine on Koh Tao and they never had food or drinking water shortages and should be up for diving and business as usual later today!
For Koh Phangan updates check out the 'My Jungle life' blog for updates.
For Phuket updates, check out Jamie's Phuket weather blog.

On the HTMS Chakri Naruebet, evacuation from Koh Tao picture by Neil van Niekerk

Koh Lanta woke up under a lightly clouded sky but I expect the sun to burn through rather quickly and it should be a lovely day! Current temp at 7am is 24.2C

Koh Lanta has been lovely yesterday. During our dive trip of the current IDC on Lanta we had a flat ocean and got slightly sunburned in the face or if you weren't careful, your whole body. Max temp reached 29.3C



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,

Thanks for getting back to me, it's much appeciated. We will probably end up going in mid-july.

From your experience does it tend to rain in july ? Was just reading that the rainy season is from june-november.

Obviously dont want to be disappointed when we get there, we can always re-schedule to go at xmas. December is a long way off thgough, and we would much rather go in july if there is no rain.

Any advice you can give me I'd be grateful....JULY OR DECEMBER?

Best Regards


Camille said...

Hi Sue,

My recommendation is July, it's great than and any rain you might get than is a welcome cooling off, tropical rain for an hour!

December can be very wet although the Christmas time usually is ok. Have a look at my archives about half way down the page, left hand side and look at each month's post named 'goodbye to......'

Saif said...

Hi Camille,

I'm travelling to Koh Samui tomorrow from bangkok..

Have reading the info about jet-ski scams can you please name at least jet-ski rental in Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan that is confirmed NOT be a scam.. Just want to be 100% sure cause I googled info about tourists being scamed in the above places too, apart from Pattaya and Phuket..

Also, I contacted your dive institute, Blue Planet Dive Centre.. but no one seems to reply to emails! are you'll closed?

Camille said...

Hi Saif,

Koh Tao doesn't have jet skis, I'm not sure about Phangan. I don't know of any scam free jet ski rental company in all of Thailand!

Blue Planet Divers is on Koh Lanta, try 'The Dive Academy' for Samui!

Roy said...

hi, thanks for all the information in your blog, really helpful, im sure you are overwhelmed with questions and i know that you arent a weather service but i am getting married in july and coming to koh samui to stay in chaweng for two weeks, what is it normally like there at that time of year?I've read a lot of things online but it would be interesting to hear first hand, thanks again Roy

Camille said...

Hi Roy,

July is usually fine, please check my archives, middle of the page, left hand side and look for each month at the end of the month starting with 'Goodbye to........'
Archives go back 4 years.

Gary said...

Hi Camille, thanks for your fantastic blog site.
I would like to ask if you think the beaches are back to holiday standard in Chaweng and if you can post any beach photos for current conditions ?
We arrive 10th April but not sure whether to re-route and come later in the month.

Camille said...

Hi Gary,

have currently no beach pix, plenty of other pix but nothing from a beach! Am working on it though!

Clean up work is in full swing!

Darren said...

Gday Camille,

thanks very much for the reply. We would be arriving in Samui on the 16th April.. so like you said, hopefully
will be well on the way to getting back to normal.

Thanks again, and I might try to ask you how things are going every couple of days or so, just to check.

Cheers for now.


Camille said...

No worries Darren, please keep checking in!

Sam said...

Hi Camille, thanks for your updates - I am due to stay on Railay beach later this month, I know it's a while away but I see this area has been badly affected and thinking of moving to Koh Lanta for our holiday - ca you give me any advice on the places least affected by floods?

Camille said...

Hi Sam,

Right now I don't have any news on Railay but I know that Ao Nang is just fine!

Koh Lanta is totally fine, nothing happened there.

Sam said...

Great thanks so much for your help!

Camille said...

You're welcome Sam, hope you will enjoy your stay in the South! Railay reported sunshine today! Complaints about it being too hot ..................

Elisabeth said...

Hi Camille!

We´re going to Samui 15/4=)
Krossing our fingers for a dryer island, with some chance of sunshine.
How is the weather today?
Is it getting better?


Camille said...

Hi Elisabeth,

Today saw mainly sunshine, especially during the afternoon. Some parts had rain before noon though but not everywhere on the island.

In general there should be plenty of sunshine, especially during the next 7 days.

Elisabeth said...

Great! Don´t want to reroute our trip.

Thanks for your quick answer=)


Camille said...

You're welcome Elisabeth

shaimaa said...

thanks for your help but i want to know is it ferry working now or still not working

thank you

Camille said...


The ferries are working since several days already.