Saturday, 30 April 2011

Goodbye to April 2011

Goodbye to April 2011

This month has been a very busy month on my blog, due to the flooding during late March and early April that hit Samui. Visits and page views went through the roof! Thanks for visiting and interestingly enough, my blog has been used by a lot of people as a reference and I had good feedback from people living and working on Samui that people mentioned my blog as an important factor for not cancelling their trip. Excellent! Thanks for stopping by and spreading the word!

If you feel that my blog helped you out during this period or you think it’s useful in general, don’t be afraid to make a donation, it will help me to keep going and keep writing! A donation button can be found on the top of the page, at the left hand side. If you want to book hotel rooms on Samui or in Thailand, please use my Samui hotel recommendation blog or my Thailand hotel recommendation blog. Much appreciated!

Obviously, the weather was not great during the first couple of days of April but that soon changed and since the first week of April, once the sun started shining, it actually didn’t stop doing so. Yay!

Right now it’s since over three weeks hot and sunny and one more time, Samui is back to ‘normal’, it’s ‘business as usual’ and if you don’t live on Samui it will be difficult to see any problems caused by the floods.

On a personal and work note, I’ve been busy with a second IDC on Koh Lanta in short succession and right now I find myself on a small tropical island in Indonesia that goes by the name of Gili Air. This island is part of an island group that belongs to and lies north of the island Lombok, very close to Bali where I'm also conducting a PADI IDC.

The island has a similar feel to it like Malapascua in the Philippines, where I was in February.
On Samui I’ve finally got around on writing a review about Djeh Mui, a great restaurant in Maenam and a big event during April each year is the Songkran festival or the Thai New year.

Keep popping in and I hope to see you all on Samui very soon!



Belinda said...

just returned from a brilliant holiday at Centara Chaweng ----- everything was wonderful

I did ask the dive school man there if he knows you -- his first words were 'don't tell me you've been reading his blog' !! apparently lots of people had asked --- thank you again for your reassurance before we went away


Camille said...

Hi Belinda,

Great to hear that you holiday on Samui went fine and always good to know that my blog gets recognized! I’ve heard from various people that my blog was used as a reference. Hope to see you back!

Liz said...

we had a wonderful holiday on the island. so grateful to you for your blogs before we went that gave us confidence that all would be fine! what a fabulous place and lovely people. wish i was still there.

Camille said...

Hi Liz,

Good to hear from you and to know that had a good time.