Monday 18 April 2011

Djeh Mui Restaurant, Maenam

Djeh Mui Restaurant, Maenam

This restaurant is located in Maenam, facing the Police station, directly at your right hand, down a little sandy soi. It's been around for as long as I'm on Samui, which is around 12 years or more and although the place is upgraded a little bit, it still has the authentic atmosphere as it had 12 years ago when I visited for the first time, the long (shaky) bamboo tables with the small chairs.

Djeh Mui means something like Khun Mui, in Chinese though. Djeh is similar to Pee or elderly. Funnily enough Mui is not from Samui but from the mainland. Her place is mainly known for excellent Khanom Jeen, Kwetiao and pork leg on rice or Kao Kaa Muu plus various Thai desserts.

The front of her place, as seen from the main ring road

The kitchen inside with some big pots on the stove!

The interior, very basic but always busy around lunchtime, they close early, around 3 or 4 pm

Khanom jeen with assorted vegetables, an impressive sight

The Kwetiao, noodle soup with chicken, great taste!

The standard Kao Kaa Muu or pork leg over rice in, a simple but delicious meal at Djeh Mui

One of the Thai desserts, Khanom waan Teng Thai or Thai Melon in a coconut soup

The 'Khanom waan' or Thai dessert display

They also serve a couple of fairly unusual and hard to find drinks like the one above, Naam Kra Dchiap, a sweet drink made form flowers and good for your intestines. We also had a Naam Rakam which had a yellow color and tasted a little bit more sourish and was very refreshing!

With four people we had a whole bunch of dishes, desserts and drinks for way under 400,-THB, well worth your lunch time! This is some very authentic Thai food but not necessarily spicy at all, be careful with the Khanom Jeen sauces/curries though.



Joseph Lewis said...

Hey Camille! iv been following your blog since the recent flooding and it's nice to see everything is back to normal again!

I am going to be a first time thailander in may and i cant wait! it all look's so beautiful! keep up the blog i love reading it!

Camille said...

Hi Joseph,

Be my or rather our guest on Samui. I'm sure you will have a good time and there are plenty of places to see and things to do mentioned on my blog in case you get stuck for ideas!

Karin said...

Hi Camille, volgens je profiel op linkedin ben je Hollands ;-) Wil jij mij informeren over de huidige situatie op Koh Samui vwb het weer?
Ga 11 mei voor het eerst naar Thailand/Koh Samui en schrok beetje van laatste weerberichten. Floods en earthquake (ook vasteland).
Ben je dankbaar voor een reactie, gr.

Camille said...

Hoi Karin,

Ja, ben inderdaad Nederlands!

De huidige situatie is zoals April hoort te zijn, erg warm! Het is alweer een tijdje kurkdroog hier en als je hier woont op Samui zie je wel kleine probleempjes en schade die door de overstromigen veroorzaakt zijn maar over het geheel gezien is alles 'back to business as usual'!
De weersverwachtingen zijn ook heel goed en ik verwacht dat Mei ook mooi zal zijn.

Please have a look at my archives, half way down the page on my Samui info and weather blog, left hand side, they go back 4 years. Open a month that you’re interested in and check one of the of the last posts of each month, starting with ‘Goodbye to…………’ this post will tell you the weather conditions for that month.
You can also check each individual post for that month if you wish to.

Martyn said...


Some of these basic types of restaurants serve really good food. How busy they are is a good barometer of the quality of food on offer. There's one in Udon Thani which sells a great green noodle curry at a well cheap price and the restaurant does very good trade.

The Naam Kra Dchiap looks as refreshing as hell. I think I could down that in one.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

That Naam Kra Dchiap was excellent and came with some flowers in it that could be eaten as well.

There are a few small places around Samui that look like nothing but are busy like hell and they serve the real 'soul food'!

Gerald said...

Hi, really enjoyed reading your review of Djeh Mui restaurant. We are arriving in Maenam for 3 weeks in August and I was amazed at how cheap this restaurant is, 400 Bhat each, or for all 4 ? either way it seems very reasonable, is the case in most non westernised eateries ? Thanks in advance.

Camille said...

Hi Gerald,

Good to see that you like the review and post! That was 400,-THB for all 4 of us! Places that mainly cater to Thais are in general in this price range, Western restaurants are more expensive and a meal is easily between 200 and 400,-THB per person, not including drinks.

Hope this helps for now. Enjoy your stay!