Friday, 15 April 2011

Food on wheels; Salapao or Chinese steamed bun

Food on wheels; Sweet bread dumplings/Sala Pao

Today's addition to the growing Food on Wheels series is about Chinese steamed buns or in Thailand better known as Salapao or in the Netherlands where they are very popular as well, they are known as Ba Pao.

These buns are very popular around Thailand and are usually eaten for breakfast but can be obtained throughout the day. This specific cart was spotted on a regular base in front of my sons school in Chaweng.

The buns are steamed and the steamer is easily recognizable on this motorbike cart, with the top of the gas tank just peeking in as well.

Usually the dough is white but if you look carefully, the salapao's that this vendor is selling are all green! The fillings are usually sweet or savory. A minced pork mix 'sai muu daeng' is used or for the sweet mouthes amongst us usually a crushed mung bans 'sai tua dam' filling is used or just cream 'sai kriim'. 7-11 sells them throughout the day but I prefer the ones available on the road, like these.

Here the steamer can be clearly seen as well as the green salapao's waiting to be put in the steamer.

The steamer itself, the hole in the middle of the steamer has an additional delicacy known as 'khanom dcheeb' or minced, steamed pork. makes a great mix with a couple of salapao's!

The salapao costs around 10,-THB and the khanom dcheeb are around 2,-BHT per one. Enjoy!



Ladas said...

Thanks for these little bits of information. I am new to Koh Samui and
loving it. I am staying down in Laem Sor where it is very quiet and one
doesn't see many tourists.
I have a friend who is moving to Koh Lanta permanently - it would be nice
if you did the weather (and/or news) of Koh Lanta too.
Thanks. Best Regards,

Camille said...

Hi Ladas,

You're welcome, I enjoy these little snippets a lot myself! Laem Sor is indeed a bit out of the way and I'm sure it has it advantages!
Since I'm based on Samui, I will keep doing the Samui updates but can and will only do Lanta updates whenever I'm down in Lanta!