Sunday 10 April 2011

Flood victim on Koh Samui gets help

Flood victim on Koh Samui gets help

Due to Peter Greene who donated 500,-USD for people who needed help, I was able to help the first person on Samui that we know of that had some serious problems.

Khun Heet shows how high the water reached in her house

Khun Heet, a family friend whom we were told had some serious problems, managed to just about cross the road in the middle of the night when the water flash flooded their neighborhood and their house. Without electricity, in pitch darkness they could just wade a few meters to another, empty house that had a second floor where they reached safety. In the meantime all their belongings pretty much got swept away or were made useless due to the water.

Outside the house old matrasses and other materials are lying in the sun to dry.

From Peter's generous donation, a gas burner to cook, washing powder, two matrasses and a mixer were bought and she received some cash to pay bills for her children who are ill right now.

She lives in a residential area in Chaweng that I've been to but never to the end of her Soi (small street) and I didn't even know that people lived there!

A third of the money is now gone and I'll soon report about other donations we made on behalf of Peter!



shaimaa said...

hi camelle

what about samui today

Camille said...

There are daily update on Samui's weather, please read them.