Thursday, 7 April 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 7th April, 2011

Today's weather;

Samui has a blue sky and sunshine this morning. Clean up and repair work is continuing. Current temp at 7am is 27.5C
As before, it's difficult to get my hands on repair pictures form a distance but in the course for this coming Saturday I should be back on Koh Samui again.

News from the Chaweng Cove Resotel in Chaweng is that the hotel is open, only the Beachfront Pool Villa and the restaurant are closed after flooding and will remain closed during renovation until 30th of June. They will serve the food in other areas of the hotel. Please get in touch with the resort for updates, this information according to Elina's blog.

Yesterday saw a nice and sunny day all day long. Max temp reached 29C

Yesterday I received donations from Dan, Connie, Gilly and Simon. Thanks guys, it's much appreciated! The amount of mails and comments that I responded to in my spare time is reaching over 400, a bit overwhelming to say the least so keep the donations/beer money coming!

De-foresting on a steep hill on Koh Lanta, a landslide disaster in the making!

Yesterday the current PADI IDC on Koh Lanta has been completed and today the two day PADI IE is about to start. Once this program is completed tomorrow, the next day, Saturday I'll be on my way to Samui!

Koh Lanta beach view

Koh Lanta is having a good morning with an almost clear blue sky and a current temp at 7am of 25.6C

Yesterday saw a dry day on Lanta but most of the day there was a light cloud cover but still allowing plenty sunshine to break through. Max temp reached 32.6C

First flights have started again to Nahkon Si Thammarat but Surat Thani is still dealing with flooded roads. Read The Nation.



Anonymous said...

Hi! We arrive on Saturday and we have booked two bungalows at Chaweng Cove. We called them today and they confirmed that they were up and running and our stay there would be as expected.
Thanks a lot for the updates and information about whats happening on our favourite island :)

Camille said...

That's good news Anna, glad to hear that. Now enjoy your stay!

Pieter said...

Hi how are you?

I’m sorry for mailing you directly, I understand that you must be flooded with mails. I’ll be a new visitor to Thailand on the 21st of April, we will be there for 3 weeks and our main destination will be Ko Samui.

With all the flooding that has happened can you please tell me if we will be able to visit the island and if flight tickets will be available to go there.

We will be in Bangkok on the 22nd of April and was planning on flying via Air Asia on the 23rd to Surat Thani and then taking to boat over to Ko Samui.

Do you think everything should be back to normal by then and do you think we should book our flights now or can we book when arriving in Bangkok?

Thank you very much looking forward to your mail. I will buy you a beer when we get there, if you are in Ko Samui then, I promise.

Kind Regards

Camille said...

Hi Pieter,

Samui is up and running as we’re speaking, sure there are a few badly damaged areas, but in general things look rather quickly rather good, especially with the sun being out and drying up everything. By the end of the month all should be fine again!

By the 23rd I would expect Surat Thani airport to be open again. Right now I see no reason why you shouldn’t be travelling to Samui.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Pieter said...

Thank you very very much Camille, you should let me know when you will be in Ko Samui, will definitely buy you a couple of beers just to day thank you.

Enjoy your day

Kind Regards

Camille said...

Hi Pieter,

You're welcome, enjoy your stay!!

Nela said...

HI Camille

I have been reading your blog and found it very informative! We are due to arrive on Koh Samui on Tuesday but my boyfriend wants to cancel the
holiday- he thinks that it might be too dangerous, with mud slides, flooding etc...I would really like to go, and looking at your blog it looks like the things are getting back to normal.

we are staying in Outrigger and the hotel confirmed that they have not been affected by flood...but what is the sitration around the island?
are beaches open? are roads open?
What is your advice?


Camille said...

Hi Nela,

All roads around the island are open and beaches I've seen in Chaweng, Bophud and Lamai have been cleaned.

In my opinion you will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi camille,
I followed your blog for our trip to samui with our two kids [2&3yrs]. We were worried as well but decided to go for it. Arrived yesterday and having a great time. Lamai is cleaned up and you do not notice a lot of the floodings. For everybody who has doubts, just go!!we have been to samui before and it is a great place. Grtz marit

Camille said...

Hi Marit,

Thanks for your update, it's greatly appreciated and good to hear that you're having a good time.

Michael said...

Hi Camille, just read your blog are your sure the chaweng cove resotel is closed till 30th of june because they didnt mention anything on their website.

Best regards Michael

Camille said...

Hi Michael,

The information that I found about Chaweng Resotel turned out to be wrong and the hotel is open, only the Beachfront Pool Villa and the restaurant are closed after flooding and will remain closed during renovation until 30th of June. They will serve the food in other areas of the hotel.

Situation corrected already.

Mitch said...

Hi Camille how are you? My name is Mitch and i am writing to you in hope of some advice or news regarding the recent Koh Samui floods. Myself and my girlfriend are heading to Koh Samui in about 5 weeks and we are having trouble finding a phone number or email for the place in which we are staying. I noticed on your blog (which has been very helpful :-) ) that some hotels will be un operational until june 30th due to damage. we are just wanting to make sure the hotel we are staying at will be operational and that the Island will be fit for Tourism etc so that our trip can go ahead as planned. We are staying at the Samui House and im just wondering if you know of the place and where i could find contact details for that particular hotel?? I know this is out of the blue and you have no obligation to help out a stranger and you are probably inundated with similar emails, its just that you seem to have more know than any other page i can find on the net and certain travel agents that cant offer any more than " youll be right". Any information would be priceless :-)

Regards, Mitch.

Camille said...

Hi Mitch,

The information about the hotel being closed until 30th June turned out to be wrong and I already adjusted the info on my blog, the hotel in question is open, only the Beachfront Pool Villa and the restaurant are closed after flooding and will remain closed during renovation until 30th of June. They will serve the food in other areas of the hotel.

Samui has recovered rather swiftly from the floods and everything seems to be just fine right now and there should be no reason not to visit, let alone in 5 weeks.

The Samui House doesn’t ring a bell although there’s a place called Samui First House, maybe that’s the place you’re staying at?

Hope this helps for now.

Michael said...

Hi Camille,

thank you for your quick answer, thought our vacation fall in to water, because we are arriving in 2 weeks on your beautiful island, we were wondering if anything is ok in Koh Samui.

Again thank you for your answer.

Best regards Michael

Camille said...

Hallo Michael,

Im moment ist schon wieder seit ein paar atge super wetter auf Samui mit sonne und alles ist fast wieder zum normal zutsand zurueck!Es sollte kein problem sein um Samui zu besuchen.

Michael said...

Danke das ist schön zu hören. Freu mich schon riesig auf den Urlaub.

bis bald


Camille said...

Ich hoffe das ihr den urlaub geniesst!