Wednesday 13 August 2008

Government Hospital in Nathon

Government Hospital in Nathon

In my series about hospitals on Samui, it's time to visit the Government hospital in Nathon.
For most tourists, this will remain a closed book, but a lot expats may be familiar with this hospital.

It's located at the 'outskirt' of Nathon, at the traffic lights where the Immigration office is located, it's on the same road as the Immigration office but at the very end of this road, about one kilometre down this road, around the corner to the right.
It's an interesting place, there are wards with up to 40 patients in it and their relatives/families who stay next to their bedside. People who are about to die lie next to slightly injured or ill people.
However, there also private rooms.
There's also a wing with private rooms for Monks, which are used for everybody, until a Monk needs to be hospitalised.
All in all, for a Westerner not very common sights.
The staff is very very good and friendly though and 'unfortunately' the surgeons are some of the best in Thailand when it comes down to mending motorbike accident victims, since Samui supposedly has one of the highest accident rates in Thailand.
Both of our children have been born here and we were very happy with the way the births were handled by the doctor and the staff. There's an interesting discussion going on about giving birth on Samui at the Samui forum of Thai Visa. All hospitals on Samui are being discussed as well, interesting if it peaks your interest! You need to sign up first for the Forum though.
The contact info for the Government hospital is like this;
61 Moo 1, Tambon Angthong Koh Samui, Suratthani, 84140 Thailand
Tel: 0 7742 1230-2, 0 7742 1232
Fax: 0 7742 0150
Hope you enjoyed this post.


Paul Valente said...

Hi Camille,

Nice post. I have visited this hospital several times when friends' babies were born or to visit victims of motorbike accident or HIV. It was a different experience than at home to be in a hostpital ward instead of a private room. However, there is a good feeling to the place even though resources are tight, and you know people work here because they truly want to help people. It is important to note that out of the 5 Samui hospitals that exist this is the only one that most local people can afford. The concept of having general hospitals whose target market is primarily visitors, when the majority of people that need help are local is a concept that I would have been too naive to think of prior to moving here.

Anyway, I read 6-12 months ago in one of the two newspapers on Samui this hospital was going to be sold to a private company. However, I have not been able to confirm this story. I wonder if anyone has any solid information confirming or denying this report?


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Paul,

Thnaks for the comment!

Haven't heard that this hospital was to be sold to a privat company. If that's the case I wonder how the local Thai people can afford medical treatment on Samui.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammile,

My wife is about to give birth in samui. Can you tell me if the father is allowed into the delivery room at Nathon? thanks

Camille said...


It will depend on whether there are other women giving birth at the same moment.
During the birth of our daughter I was allowed inside the delivery room but during th birth of our son there was another woman besides my wife in the delivery room and I wasn't allowed inside.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know the costs for baby delivery and pre exams here and in private hospitals?

Camille said...

Nope, I don't know these costs but they can be found at www dot thaivisa dot com in the Koh Samui forum. Do a search there or ask the question there.

Unknown said...

Hi guys I stayed here and had a similar experience. I was drugged at the full moon party in feb. Bangkok hospital took me in and relocated my ankle - I broke leg and collarbone. Insurance wouldn't cover me so I ended up moving to government hospital. x-rays, operation, follow up x-rays, care, food accommodation all came to 30,000 while BH charged 48,000. Service was excllent- they did miss something in the operation - specialist back home has corrected this bit can't fault them.

Btw. Is there an e-mail address for the government hospital in Nathon?


Camille said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for sharing your story. Being drugged doesn't sound like a 'fun' experience, let alone you got injured because of it.

Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to find an email address for the Government hospital in Nathon.

Unknown said...

Excellent hospital, both my children born here. Best Dr for maternity care and delivery is Dr Rhappee Pan and you can go to her private clinic just outside the hospital entrance to make the process faster then pay her to be on call for your labour. For those waiting in Samui for a birth or living in Nathon there is a fantastic nursery in Nathon called Kids Corner the staff are excellent.

Camille said...

Hi Madeleine,

Good to hear from you. All of our 3 children have been born here and then last one was with Dr Rapeepan's involvement, just over two months ago!

Onesecond said...

Hi there, do you know how I can get the contact details for dr rapeepan? Internet searches show nothing!

Camille said...

Hi Onesecond,

Sorry it took me so long but here's is Dr. Rapeepan's ph # 0806955885

Anonymous said...

Hello Peter Mc Glynn, Hope that you are fully recovered from your accident !!! I also had an accident last year in october where I broke my hip , pelvis an fractured my back, so I 've got a hip replacement, but it had been 8 month and still have pain and cannot walk properly.
Can you please tell me about your experience in the operation room , please ? what went wrong? unfortunelly I live in Samui , so don't have much choice for second opinions in another country, but it will help me maybe to get somewhere !!! Kind Regards,
Valentina Moreau