Tuesday 12 August 2008

Buying Gasoline on Samui

Buying Gasoline on Samui

Buying Gasoline on Samui can at times be a bit of an adventure, since gas stations aren't that widely available.
Around Chaweng, there are three gas stations, two PTT ones and a brand new Caltex or Texaco one on the ring road. At least I think it's Caltex or Texaco, it's so new I don't even remember the name. It opened less than a month ago and I don't drive by a lot there.
Around Samui there are less than 10 gas stations in total.

Buying Gasoline on Samui
Buying Gasoline on Samui; What you do find a lot along the road, all over the island, are similar places like this, where gasoline (or any variation on the word gasoline) is sold by the bottle. These bottles are empty Thai whiskey bottles and hold no more than 0.7 litres but are charged at liter prices or more. This is near Chaweng beach road.

This is actually not only done exclusively on Samui but throughout Thailand and the region. I remember Vietnam, driving around Saigon, uh, I mean, Ho Chi Min City of course and in the country side just one single bottle meant that gasoline was sold. Especially in the country side this is common practice.

Buying Gasoline on Samui
Buying Gasoline on Samui

When I arrived on Samui, 9 years ago, the gasoline price was around 10 Baht per liter. Over the years there was a regular increase, but it kind of stayed stable around 14 to 20 Baht range.
Until recently and within almost a year (or two) the prices rocketed to over 40 baht per liter.

Especially Diesel, which was subsided for a long time by the Thai government started to rise in price quickly once the subsidy was revoked.

Very recently, the gasoline prices dropped a few Baht again, which is a relief. It's a world wide problem however and I'm pretty sure that for a lot of readers who don't reside in Thailand the local gas prices are cheap compared to where you may live, but don't forget that prices here almost tripled!
Another interesting bit is that the gasoline on Samui is one Baht more expensive per liter compared to the mainland but that on Koh Tao the price of gasoline is two Baht more expensive per liter! That's island life for you and the price you pay.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Camille interesting post about the gasoline. Diesel in the UK is around £1.35 a litre at the moment which is around 85baht crazy price! Just goes to show how much we're being taxed!


Camille Lemmens said...

Yes, that sounds like a lot of tax.

Right now we're on the 3rd consecutive price reduction of gasoline in Thailand in a row!! That happened today!

Paul Valente said...

Funny I was just wondering as I drove past the other day what folks back home would think those bottles . . and here is your post!

Also interesting is that those rows of bottles sit in the blistering hot sun sometimes all day long . . . I wonder if leaked fumes have ever ignited . . ?

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Paul,

That's good timing indeed!

Interesting observation regarding the fumes!