Saturday 23 August 2008

Bangkok Samui Hospital, Chaweng

Bangkok Samui Hospital, Chaweng

In my series about Samui Hospitals, it's time to talk about Bangkok Samui Hospital in Chaweng.

Bangkok-Samui hospital, Chaweng
It's the newest hospital on the island and by far the hospital with the most updated and with modern equipment, They also have one of the two hyperbaric chambers on Samui under their roof.

This hospital is part of the Bangkok Hospital group with hospitals all over Thailand.
Since their opening I have visited this hospital a few times, for check ups and to see friends who were staying here and we found out here that my wife was pregnant of our second child.

However, over time, I started to dislike the hospital more and more for their greedy approach. 
There's a 3.000,-THB registration fee, refundable by your insurance. For residents this registration is waived though. It's not until very recently that their room rates went down, since my regular insurance would only cover room rates for the other hospitals on Samui. There are also numerous stories floating around were they ask for outrageous prices to treat you. Unfortunate and not necessary in my opinion and despite the hospital having the best equipment available on the island, it also has a reputation of milking insurance companies.

In contrast, I have very good experiences with the Bangkok Phuket hospital of the same group. Very professional, very friendly and helpful staff, good service and very cheap!

Bangkok Samui hospital is located at the ring road in Chaweng, next to the Bangkok Airways main office;
Bangkok Hospital Samui 57 Moo 3, Thaweerat Phakdee Road, Bophut, Koh Samui , Suratthani 84320
Tel: 0-7742-9500 Fax: 0-7742-9540



Susan said...

Hi Camille.

Was looking to get some info on which hospitals are recommended for plastic surgery. should you go to Bangkok for this or is Samui have just as good hospitals. Any info would be appreciated.

Sincerely Susan

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Susan,

There used to be a clinic that specialized in plastic surgery on Samui but they closed their doors. Best thing to do is to contact the Bangkok Samui hospital and ask about their services but in all honesty, I think that most plastic surgery is done in Bangkok.