Sunday 10 August 2008

Car crashes into 7-11 in Bang Rak

Car crashes into 7-11 in Bang Rak

This morning shortly after 7 am I got a phone call from one of my IDC candidates of my current IDC, stating that if I want to get to work, I better find a way around the Bang Rak 7-11, since it was on fire.

I went to have a look and this is what I saw shortly beyond the Seatran pier in Bang Rak, a massive black smoke cloud hanging over Bang Rak. The road was blocked both ways.

Coming nearer to the 7-11, it was burning very hard. This picture shows a car that crashed into the concrete pole in front of 7-11. According to the local grapevine, it was a young Thai male driving the car, drunk, arguing with his girl friend. He somehow got off the road and crashed into the pole.

Here's a better picture of the inferno. Apparently the girl inside the car had burn wounds, similar as one customer and one staff member of 7-11. No serious injuries were sustained however.

Two firetrucks were at the scene at 7.30, one at each side of the road and on my way to work, around 8 am, more fire trucks were arriving.

At some moment, when I was way too close to the 7-11, there was a big explosion, followed by a second one, when all the electricity spaghetti blew up, around 7.30 am. I barely managed to get the second explosion on camera.

As one can notice, after the electricity exploded the concrete pole tumbled over and is resting on top of the car.

This picture gives you an idea about the inferno going on. The bank next to the 7-11 only had damage in the front.

Coming back from work, in the late afternoon, here's an idea of the damage done. The 7-11 is no longer, a similar fate experienced by the car. A lot of activity was going on, fixing and repairing the electricity cables.

Bang Rak and Plai Laem were out of electricity for a long period of time and my internet connection didn't com back until about an hour ago. The cable TV is still down!

The pictures almost look like taken in a war zone!


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