Tuesday 12 August 2008

12th August, 2008

Today's weather;

It's Queen Sirikit's birthday today and this is officially celebrated all over Thailand, each government and public place, like hotels, will have a big picture of the Queen on display, like this one.
Yesterday was Mother Day in Thailand, with an unusual but interesting view on this in The Nation, a nation wide English language paper.
Other big news is that former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra didn't return to Thailand after visiting the opening of the Olympic Games in Bejing and look for asylum in the UK. Three law suits are waiting for him in Thailand, his wife Khun Pojaman got convicted to three years in prison last week but was released on bail. Now Thaksin claims that the will not receive fair justice. The country is in a political turmoil and time will tell what his decision of not returning will mean for the country, observers don't expect the situation to ease which led English news paper The Nation to the interesting question if Thailand is run by outlaws.
In the meantime however, this mornings weather situation is showing us a fairly thick cloud layer with a current temp of 27.2C at 7 am.
Yesterday was a warm and sometimes sunny day with a max temp of 32.7C.
The story about the car crash at the Bang Rak 7-11 caused a serious run on my blog, at least for my standards with around a 150 views just yesterday. Even the Phuket Gazette approached me if they can use my pictures since it were the best they could find. We'll see if they end up using them.
This is as good as an occasion to ask you again to vote for my blog at Thai Stars where I dropped to a disappointing 109th place with a 3.6 average! Also the Thai top 100 websites could do with a vote, my blog is at 42nd position.
To all new visitors, feel free to look around on my blog, there may some interesting stories about Samui that deserve your attention.


Anonymous said...

Heb nog de tijd gevonden om te stemmen op beide pagina's ;) Bij Thai Stars sta je nu op plaats 43!!! Groetjes, Monique
PS Wat zou 't geheim van de koningin zijn, zij ziet er ieder jaar jonger uit en ik ouder! :))

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Bedankt voor de stemmen! Helaas duikel ik elke weer neer beneden, alsof er voor elke hoge score iemand een lage score geeft!

Tsja, die koningin, ik weet het ook niet, met de koning hier is het precies hetzelfde! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Misschien een Faceliftje voor haar verjaardag. mmmmm.