Monday 4 August 2008

The Ghost Road construction has been completed

The Ghost Road construction has been completed

The Ghost Road, or locally known as Thanon Pee, is a short cut between Bang Rak and Chaweng. The road was in a very bad state however and at some point, turned out to be one of the most dangerous roads on the island, with broken concrete in many places and where sometimes iron rods were sticking out and literally shish kebab-ing motorbike drivers. On top of that there were massive sand 'hills' on the road which you had to take on. All in all, not a very nice road to travel.

A lot of damage was done by overloaded trucks who sped down the narrow road to save time and distance using the road as a shortcut.

Now after almost a year of construction, believe it or not, the road is completed and looks great, no bumps, no sand hills to climb and no holes in the ground or cracked concrete. There's even a sewer installed and during some very recent hard tropical rains, there was no flash flooding along the Ghost Road!

The only minor little hick up I saw, is that towards the junction, halfway down the road, some of the electricity poles were in the way of the new, wider, road. Rather than moving the poles back half a meter, the road was just constructed around the poles. Not as bad as in this picture, in Maenam but the effect of widening the road is lost in this little section of the road.
Since I used this road a lot, I'm very happy that it's construction is completed and I just hope that the road will last for a while!

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