Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Temple party Bophud

Last weekend saw the end of a week long temple party at the Bophud temple. It's that time of the year again and the various temples around the island will have temple parties, so plenty of time to go and visit one.

Interesting light displays can be seen at various locations

The parties offer lots of things for sale, cheap clothing, (junk) food and plenty of other attractions like games for young and old.

This is build from sand and for twenty Baht you could buy a bucket with sand and make your own small sand hill and stick a yellow flag in your hill. This habit comes from the 'old' days when you were supposed to bring something to the temple and on Samui many people brought sand, so things could be build.

A great sample of Thai (junk) temple food, small and round sausages that go by the name of Sai Klog

This small wheel was one of the rides and games to choose from

It was crowded and busy

Our daughter danced with other classmates and many parents came to see their offspring from various age groups. It was a fun evening out and especially if you have never visited such a temple party, it's well worth the visit for it's smells, views, tastes and the experience!

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