Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 26th March, 2013

Today's weather;

It looks like it's going to be very hot today, there weren't even any morning clouds around Koh Samui this morning! Current temp at 7am is 26.9C

On a side note, my next post will be my 3,000th post on this blog! An impressive achievement, even if I say so myself!

Wat Plai Laem

The 7 days of the week, each day with a different Buddha image and Wednesday is even divided into day and night time. This is to make offerings for your day of birth and every temple will have this. This picture is taken at Wat Plai Laem 

Yesterday was steaming hot, max temp went up to 32.2C and it's not even April!

The next 7 days are looking like Samui is going to simmer a bit more in the sun!

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Scraperka said...

I'm going to Ko Samui on 15th April for two weeks :))) I will be gratefull for a lot of sun, but as I see in Your blog the weather is really good:) we will stay in Nora Beach resort and spa:))) best wishes:*

Camille said...

Hi Ania,

April should be really good! Hotter and more sun than March usually, please have a look at my archives, half way down the page on my Samui info and weather blog, right hand side, they go back a few years. Open a month that you’re interested in and check one of the last posts of each month, starting with ‘Goodbye to…………’ this post will tell you the weather conditions for that month.
You can also check each individual post for that month if you wish to.
Enjoy and bring plenty of lotion!

Scraperka said...

Camille thank You very much for Your blog:))) It is really helpful for me:) I'm going to see archival posts:) hugs:*