Thursday, 21 March 2013

Food on Wheels; Kuaitiao soup, an all time fave

Kuaitiao soup ก๋วยเตี๋ยว is indeed an all time fave of many Thai people and comes in many different flavors and with a variety of different noodles.
It can be found pretty much all day long although during the evening a lot of kauitiao stalls seem to open up for a simple yet delicious Thai dinner option. Oh, and it's cheap! 

Kuaitiao soup cart

The kuaitiao soup cart 

A bowl of kuaitiao goes for about 25 to 30 Thai Baht. It's also easy to order, just walk up and point at the noodles that you would like to have, the rest will sort itself out!

Kuaitiao soup cart close up

A close up to some of the ingredients

Personally I prefer the yellow noodles with a very thin powder layer on them. You can also get rice noodles, thick and wide noodles, green noodles, plenty of options to try out a variety of dishes all based on the same theme.

Kuaitiao soup cart in action

The making of........

This kauitiao cart came to the back of our house to serve some people who were working in our garden. It was just hauled in from the road whilst it was passing by. Thailand in all it's convenience!

Kuaitiao soup cart full view

Full view

This cart is the classic setup, motorbike with side car. It's ingenious how many different utensils are build into the basic frame, like gas tanks, big soup tanks and more smaller details. Fascinating and sometimes worthwhile checking out.

Kuaitiao soup car on Koh Phangan

Kuaitiao soup car on Koh Phangan at the Phao Chao temple party

On my recent visit to Koh Phangan I bumped into a bigger version on the same theme, a pick up car converted into a kauitiao field kitchen! Busy as always and a fave by both Thais and Westerners alike.

Kuaitiao soup car on Koh Phangan

A closer look into the kitchen

A few years ago I already wrote about a similar set up on Koh Samui. This mobile soup kitchen on Koh Phangan also had plenty of seating arrangements so people can sit down and enjoy their kauitioa.

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