Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Oil fields around Koh samui

Here's my 3.000th post on my Samui info blog and although that in itself is cause to celebrate and a   milestone, unfortunately the topic that I address this time around is one of great concern and might affect us in the future of our beloved Koh Samui.

It’s now confirmed by a representative of the Ministry of Energy that oil drill projects around the islands will begin their exploration process in April 2013. The nearest point from Samui's shore is less than 40 kms, only 36.7 kms from Koh Phangan and also less than 40 kms from Koh Tao.

According to the EIA report, which states that the areas that are in biggest danger are Bophud and Maret in Koh Samui and Baan Tai in Koh Phangan. 

Oil fields around Koh Samui, march April 2103
On the picture we can see 4 areas for drilling, the lot B6/27 is PTT, the next lot named Salamander Energy is supposedly a Chevron daughter, which unfortunately has the worst reputation when it comes down to accidents and spills and there’s lot G6/48 by Pearl Oil and CEC (NuCoastal) also mingles in.

It is our final call after a more than 3 years fighting through legal channels via Administrative Court and National Human Rights Commission and demonstrations around the island. Please address this to as many people as you know  to help spreading words among friends.

Oil fields around Koh Samui, march April 2103 English version

The risk is out there and we all can help. Just think about what happened in the Gulf of Mexico not too long ago! If anything would happen with these rigs, the coast from Songkla all the way up to Pattaya would be devastated and Thailand’s tourism industry would be in tatters.

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Alex said...

Congratulations on 3K, and a Blog which is always helpfull and interesting for those in or intending to visit Ko Samui. As money talks, it wouldn't surprise me either if certain tourism areas were 'sacrificed' for the profits it will make some big wigs in the cities.

Camille said...

Thanks Alex!

The sacrifices will be or are already made, unfortunately!