Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 27th March, 2013

Today's weather;

A blue sky is shaping up over Koh Samui again. Current temp at 7am is around 27C

Just 3 more days before the Samui Midnight Run starts Saturday night, still time to sign up or show up!

Please read my article about the oil drilling around the islands that I posted yesterday (my 3.000th post).

Tamarind from our garden

Tamarind or Makaam from our garden, it's is an essential souring ingredient in the central Thai variant of kaeng som, a sour curry. Our tamarind is the sour version and not the sweet version that can be found

Yesterday was hot again although parts of the day were cloudy. Max temp reached around 30 to 31C

There are more sunny and warm days ahead of us for the next 7 days!

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Scraperka said...

Hi Camille! :))) I saw Your archival posts about April and I as I see there are a lot of clouds all month.. Is it normal? I love sun and I would like a lot of blue sky... I will be really glad if there will be lot of blue sky!

Camille said...

Hi Ania,

Don't worry, April is usually the hottest month of the year, you will have plenty of opportunity to get a tanQ

Scraperka said...

Camille thank You very much! :)))
I'm glad to hear this! :)
I will be on your blog day by day till my holiday;) Thanks!

Alex said...

I was on Ko Samui in April and May last year (2012) and although sometimes the earlier mornings (usually my favourite time for the beach) could be clouder than other months at that time of day until the sun and heat cut through them and the wind picked up, they were good months over all. By later afternoon or overnight, there would some days occasionally be sudden rainfall but this was very welcome to cool things down and never persisted on and on as can sometimes happen on the island in some months. At the moment I can only recall perhaps a handfull of days over those two months when it was overcast full days, and for tanning well the safely developed tan from enjoying the beaches lasted nearly 6 months (gradually fading over that time, of course) once back home, so they must have been good months for sun.