Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 26th November, 2013

Today's weather;

It's sunny around Koh Samui with just a few scattered clouds at the moment. Current temp at 7am is 28.3C

In Khao Lak it's a blue sky and it looks like it's gonna warm up really soon, since current temp at 7am is 23C

Khao Lak Sunset

Yesterday's sunset at the beach in Khao Lak

Yesterday it was nice around Samui with just a trace of rain during the afternoon. Max temp reached 31C

In Khao Lak it was sunny and nice all day long, the stretch of bad weather has left here for the time being and should stay away here for a while. Don't miss out on my 'Food on Wheels' post about Khao Lak which I posted yesterday.

The forecast is looking good for today and tomorrow but come Thursday stronger wind and daily rain should have reached the island. This should last well into next week for the time being, so better get used to monsoon mode!

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St├ęphane said...

Hello Camille i always looking your blog and
Like it very much.

I have question for you, can you told me if he have rain Monday the 25 November, yesterday for you on Chaweng Beach
And if he have a lot or just little.

Thanks you if you can give me answer

Camille said...

Hi St├ęphane,

As mentioned in my update for today, there was a little bit of rain during the afternoon. Hope this helps.

Nessy said...

Hi Camille, I'm really concerned as I'm arriving on Sat 30th Nov and will be staying for a week. You said that there is a monsoon that will be hitting, does that mean we will not see any sun at all and it will be raining the whole time??? So worried :(

Camille said...

Hi Nessy,

At the moment it doesn't look good for the 28th and 29th bit the 1st looks good again, possibly with sunshine. This time of the year you should expect rain on Samui, unfortunately.
Keep checking here, updates may change daily.

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille, I'm visiting Samui from the 15th for about a week. It's a long way away yet, but does the weather look like clearing, and does it usually clear by then?
I don't mind some afternoon and evening storms etc, but don't want to be cloudy rainy every day?

Camille said...

It's a bit early to say anything specific right now about mid December, however in general, around mid December the weather on Samui tends to start clear up, although that's not a guarantee.