Thursday, 21 November 2013

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 21st November, 2013

Today's weather;

It's messy on Koh Samui this morning. Strong train and heavy winds and there's more to come over the next two days. There's a weather warning from the Thai Meteorological Department which can be read here.
From local sources I heard that the first plane into Samui this morning had to abort the landing as a huge squall rose up in front of the airstrip. Not as dramatic but my wife decided to have the children stay out of school today.
Current temp at 7am is 25.3C

In Khao Lak it's cloudy and most likely fir the next two days as well. Current temp at 7am is 24C

Tesco Lotus Koh Samui 11 years

Tesco Lotus Chaweng 11 years already!

Yesterday saw a bit of rain around Samui, little bits during the morning and more during the afternoon with a thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. Max temp reached 29C

In Khao Lak it was partly cloudy which just prevented the sun from breaking through.

The forecast looks really bad for tomorrow, with a storm likely to rage over the island and lots of rain. Today and Saturday are like respective buildup and slow down days and come Sunday it should be fairly nice again.

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Anonymous said...

many thanks for the blog;seems more accurate than the hotel who smile and say things are going to improve but sure warmer than europe princess&froggy

Camille said...

You're welcome, wish I had better news though ;-)

Nev said...

Thanks for the great reports!

I'm about to leave Switzerland in a few hours and will catch the flight from BKK to Samui tomorrow (Friday) evening at 6 PM. Hope the wind stops a bit and the flight is safe :(

Camille said...


Can only hope for the best, the forecast has strong wind and wind gusts lined up by that time :-(