Sunday 17 November 2013

Loy Krathong 2013 in Khao Lak

Today was time for Loy Krathong around Thailand, and for me the second time in Khao Lak for me, after the 2010 festival.

My Krathong

My Krathong which I bought at the festival site

This year I was on my own however and I went to the Tsunami memorial in Khao Lak, where a location was set up next to a small but fairly fast streaming river, and ideal location to float your Krathongs. 
My oldest two children floated their Krathongs at Wat Plai Laem on Samui.

Loy Krathongs for sale

Loy Krathongs for sale at the Tsunami memorial

It was a nice and busy festival with loads of activities, a market, we;re in Thailand, so lots of Thai junk food and plenty of local people who were selling Krathongs in all sorts and sizes. I bought mine for 50,-THB

Local girl with Krathongs

A local girl was waiting with a Krathong in her hand, so I asked if I could take her picture. She held my Krathong as well, so I didn't have to put it on the ground. Thanks!

Many locals where at the festival site, but a lot of foreign tourists where here to enjoy the activities as well. I have a hunch feeling that more or most locals went to a local temple to celebrate there and the was also a site at the beach. So plenty of options to choose from.

The place where the Krathongs are put in the river

The place where the Krathongs are put in the river at the Tsunami memorial

The Krathongs on their way

The Krathongs on their way

A hot air balloon

A hot air balloon

There were also a lot hot air balloons for sale and many were set drifting into the air. Although they look lovely as little light dots in the sky, I'm not a big fan of them. First of all once their fuel has died out, the metal frames crash into nature, secondly, if they go up in flames, you don't want to be waking under them since the burning material can easily fall on top of you with all kind of consequences and thirdly, people with grass roofs are also very wary when these floating balloons are up in the air, since they can lite up the whole roof and the whole house under it.
This year the balloons where banned in Phuket!

The whole Loy Krathong festival also has a downside that most people are not aware of, the day after, when all Krathongs are 'beached'. Especially nowadays with most Krathongs not being made of natural materials anymore. Check some pictures here.

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