Monday, 25 November 2013

Food on Wheels; Pancakes and Pad Thai in Khao Lak

It's time for another sequence in the ongoing series Food on Wheels. Whilst walking around in Khao Lak, where I currently am for teaching a PADI IDC, I couldn't help but notice these two extremely popular food places that are neighbors of each other.

The classic pancake

Each evening there are at least three to four rows think, people waiting for their pancake and to a lesser degree, for their Pad Thai. The location they have is very central, in front of a nicely modernized supermarket and that helps, but if they didn't deliver 'the goods', it wouldn't be as busy as it is each evening.

Pad Thai, fried rice, etc

They only open up during the later afternoon and ready for business just before the sun goes down. Day in and day out. Most certainly worth checking out and enjoying a bite or two. 


They offer a typical Thai street food, not too spicy or not spicy at all and together it's a great combination if you're not too adventurous but having said that, my kids love their pancake(s) as well!


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