Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hansar Charity Bazar, 30th November 2013

The Hansar Resort near Fisherman's Village holds each month a different activity to help less fortunate in the community. Most of the time the fund is raised from selling organic products from their organic garden. Every department in the resort has its own plot within the garden and is responsible for the specific crops. Charity Bazaar is the first big event since Hansar started a social responsibility program (CSR) back in 2012 an the Bazaar is scheduled for Saturday 30th November. 

Hansar Charity Bazaar

The Hansar Charity Bazaar

Looking at the recent success of the eco markets held on the island, I can only hope for this effort to be as successful. There will be booths selling their organic products as well as local food from out-source. Games and performances will fulfill the event with fun. In the end, the profits from this event will be donated to schools and other local community organisations. 

Hopefully natural food lovers, family with kids and anyone who is interested in helping the community will be able to help and you can start by visiting the Bazaar come Saturday 30th November.

Food and products to be expected include fresh veggie from the Hansar organic garden, fish & corn BBQ, Pad-thai, Thai desert and ice cream, butterfly pea and lemon grass juice and blended fruit. 
There will also be 'Share Your Hope' t-shirts, specially designed for this event and they're available for purchase.

As entertainment there will be student performances, a ring toss game and a Limbo Rock contest.

Hope you enjoy the day out and get lucky with the weather!

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Unknown said...

Do you know if this is still being held on Saturday? thanks

Camille said...

AFAIK yes Lizzie