Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 19th November, 2013

Today's weather;

On Koh Samui it's mostly cloudy with a few patches that allow the sun to come through. Current temp at 7am is 26C

In Khao Lak there are also plenty of clouds but it looks like the sun may get the upper hand here, once it starts heating up. Current temp at 7am is 23.5C

Khao Lak in the evening

Khao Lak's busy main road during the evening

Yesterday saw a fairly dry day around Samui with rain in the morning and the late afternoon. Max temp reached 31C

In Khao Lak it was mixed, near the big mountain there was some rain but further towards Takua Pa it was mostly blue skies with some clouds in it.

The forecast predicts plenty of rain with an accumulation of storm and hard rain on Friday and Saturday. After that storm, it should ease up again though and maybe even some sunshine might come along again.

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