Saturday, 30 November 2013

Chao Por Khao Lak or Shrine of the Khao Lak God

This shrine is located on the top of a very steep hill, just before you enter Khao Lak if coming from Phuket, opposite the Lam Ru National park and a police station. Almost each car and motorbike honks it's horn when passing, which makes it a very noisy location!

Shrine of the Khao Lak God

The honking of the horns happens all over the country, when vehicles pass a Buddhist shrine and it's for good luck. On Samui I know a few locations where this happens, but also on the mainland and this is one of them. When we get off the ferry in Donsak, there's another shrine there where everybody honks the horn and those are just a few that I know of.

Shrine of the Khao Lak God the shrine

It was interesting when I got out of the car to listen to all the constant noise, although you get used to it really quickly. The stairs leading up to the actual shrine are guarded by all kinds of stone miniature animals, like hens, tigers and elephants.

Shrine of the Khao Lak God inside the shrine

The inside of the shrine has a statue of a local Monk and next to him something that looks like a phallus symbol. The latter are symbols for fertility. Here are also loads of hens and elephants miniatures to be found.

Shrine of the Khao Lak God second shrine

Next to the main shrine is a second shrine and I'm not really sure what this shrine is about but it has another statue of what looks like a other monk in it.
The whole direct area of the shrine has a few other minor buildings and loads of small stuff lying ans standing around. It's always interesting to look around a bit and see what's going on at these places.

Shrine of the Khao Lak God dino

A bit strange and seemingly rather out of place, but nonetheless very cute, is this small dinosaur statue, in front of the shrine, near the road. I can't really figure out what this is about but as I already mentioned, it's cute but seems to be put there at random!

When entering Khao Lak, maybe worth to stop and have a look before actually going down the hill.

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