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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Food on Wheels; Pantol on Gili Air, Indonesia

Food on Wheels in Indonesia

Currently I'm on Gili Air in Indonesia, where I just completed a PADI IDC and one of the very appealing things about this small island is that cars and motorbikes are not allowed. Still I managed to find a great sample of food of wheels, this time delivered to us on a bicycle!

The bike, parked after a busy day

From the back of the bike, pantol is sold, small, rolled beef balls, which are then dipped in a spicy or tomato sauce. Very popular with the local population.

The back f the bike, which the custom made boxes to carry all needed ingredients around

The meat balls are steamed in the basket, as pictured above with the two sauces at the back.

It's a nice tasty snack, very simple and basic but it does the trick. No thrills and frills with this snack, just two sauces to compliment it and to please your taste buds.

A back view of the bike

In all of my visits to date, I haven't seen the bike make the rounds many times, so if you have the opportunity, stop the vendor and give it a go. I always try new things out and this is a relatively rare on Gili Air, I haven't figured out a schedule yet and I wouldn't be surprised one single bit of there isn't a schedule at all!

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