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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dumaguete, a walk through town

Dumaguete is the largest city in the province of Negros Oriental in the Philippine and it's also the provincial capital city, on top of that it's the largest city and the main seaport. The population is around 120.000 people.

A statue in honor to the fist 6 nuns that arrived in 1904 in Dumaguete

The city is mainly known for it's 4 universities, dentists and nurses is what they're best known for. The student population is around 30.000, almost a third of the total population.

Campanario, the 4th tower build on these foundations, looking out over the ocean

The city makes a nice and relaxed impression and it's clean and neat. There are a few things to see, small monuments like the one for the nuns, the firetruck in the municipal park and the campanario tower. I'm almost convinced that somewhere in the city there's a small and dusted local museum, maybe something to look up the next time I'm in town.
The city definitely has a small town vibe to it but a very nice one!

3 wheel fire truck in the municipal park

The city also hosts a couple of shopping malls, including a brand new Robinsons. McDonalds also has an outlet, with what looks like an original 50tees sign hanging outside their premises!

Just like Samui, there's a ferry port in Dumaguete

There's also a domestic airport, with a couple of flights a day to Manila and some flights to Cebu City. Tomorrow I will take a flight from Dumaguete to Manila.

Don't forget that the Philippines are catholic, it's strange to see churches again

Although Dumaguete does not offer the big city, bright lights variation, it's definitely worth a trip if you're looking for a small provincial town with some nice dive resorts within a couple of kilometers down the road. I'm looking forward to some more exploration time next time I'm down in these parts of the world again.

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